WATCH: Smarmy CNN slimebags enthusiastically endorse DOJ openly defying congress

CNN is among the number one hypocrites on the issue of Biden’s classified documents — and every other issue that’s ever come up about anything ever — and they were in full snotty, self-important, holier-than-thou CNN mode on Friday as the hosts and their slimy guests fawned over the idea of the DOJ refusing to cooperate with congressional investigations and subpoenas.

I mean seriously, this Dave Aronberg creep was getting his jollies in a gross way over it, it’s actually uncomfortable. Someone really needed to warn him against Toobining under the desk before this segment started.

Just gross. Victor Blackwell trying to preemptively frame it as if it’s a TRAP somehow to trick people into believing that stonewalling the investigation is not being transparent.


Just business at usual as CNN. Partisan hypocrites and not a journalist (nor a scruple) among them.


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