WATCH: Sr. Google Engineer goes public with James O’Keefe on bias at Google

A Sr. Google Engineer has come forward to speak with James O’Keefe about his perceived bias at Google and other big tech, and you can listen to it below:

Greg Coppla isn’t like the other whistleblowers coming out of Google. He doesn’t have any smoking gun evidence, which he readily admits.

He’s just noticed things in his five years of working there, namely that after Trump came on the scene in 2016, the bias machine started working in full force for Democrats.

Watch the video for more…

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27 thoughts on “WATCH: Sr. Google Engineer goes public with James O’Keefe on bias at Google

  1. I think it’s extremely obvious on it’s face. The social media is governed with PC being the guideline. There’s no denying that. PC is controlled by the left completely. It isn’t against PC rules to say the most offensive things to or about someone on the right. Do it to the left and they’ll kick you for violating PC rules. Using PC allows the left to control social media.

    1. And it’s not just big tech either. I’m seeing more and more corporations and private organizations getting overtly political, and using them as tools for political activism. This is a relatively new phenomenon and it’s becoming a big problem.

      1. So? As more organizations spout leftism, more of their inner workings will be exposed as above. Also the more they demand political allegiance from their employees, the more they weaken the equality claptrap around hiring/firing people. Let them go on. I’m looking forward to it being easier to hire/fire people myself.

    2. Exactly. We see it when folks like Prager University of all people get algorithmically vanished but yet folks who openly wish for the death of people such as Dick Cheney are still monetized or in many cases make the recommended page.

      1. Those Prager U videos are extremely effective and cause young people/left leaning voters to think. We can’t have THAT kind of violent hate speech.

  2. If searches primarily take you to left wing sites there can be no denying that it’s a biased search.

  3. This sounds interesting, but I’m too entrapped by the ad here that features a big teddied voluptuous lass with the caption “29 freaky women you won’t believe exist.” I clicked the link solely to support TRS and now I’m getting 10 thousand popups.

      1. I didn’t want to say it outright because I try to have class over the interwebs, but hellz yeah.

        This ain’t the browsing history causing those ads on this device either. Unless my wife is secretly a lesbian?

  4. It’s always ironic to me when the average leftist Democrat voter decries giant evil corporations considering that the D party has the most malicious big azz corporations supporting it.

  5. How much longer do you think this guy’s going to be employed at Google?

    A. 24 hours
    B. 48 hours
    C. Till Monday morning
    D. A week
    E. A month

    1. How much you want to bet that he’s highly skilled and will be in demand elsewhere…plus Google might not want to face the adverse publicity and the lawsuit

  6. He seems sincere. Not really bashing the people working at Google or Google. Just wants it to be fair. For this he must be punished? Apparently.

  7. Well color me surprised! We’ve been railing about this bias for years. Will they lose their platform protections and be designated as a publisher? Let’s go congress. Take away all of their special protections!

  8. Not a senior engineer. Not on the search team. Has a very specific job in software. Google has about 30,000 software engineers working for them. Most of them have direct access to the code repository of every Google product. It’s amazing that out of 30,000 engineers with inside knowledge that there aren’t more whistle blowers!

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