WATCH: Staten Islanders drive woman out of grocery store because she’s not wearing a mask

A woman in Staten Island was reportedly driven out of a grocery store by other customers because she wasn’t wearing a mask. Below is the video:

According to Heavy, Mcauley Holmes didn’t record the video, he found it on Reddit:

video that shows people in Staten Island screaming “get out” to a customer not wearing a mask went viral on May 25. The viral clip, shared by Twitter user McAuley Holmes, had more than 360,000 views.

Holmes did not film the video. He told Heavy that he found it on Reddit and then posted it to Twitter.

Holmes said he had “mixed feelings” about the video. “From what I can see in the video it seems there aren’t employees of the store involved in removing the shopper,” Holmes told Heavy.

“Obviously private businesses have the right to refuse service to non-mask wearers, but a group of shoppers is different. Masks are important in stopping the spread and wearing one is a sign of respect to others,” he continued. “It’s understandable that people would be so serious about community enforcement in a place like Staten Island that has been hit so hard by COVID.”

This doesn’t happen down here in North Carolina. I see people all the time without a mask and nobody seems to care.

But in New York of all places I can totally understand why people would be so upset at someone not wearing a mask. They probably feel they are risking their lives just to go grocery shopping, only to find someone not wearing a mask who could be infected. And all that screaming without a mask doesn’t help either.

On a completely different note, here’s something you might enjoy for your open thread:

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