WATCH: Stephen Colbert defends Biden’s high gas prices. Seriously.

On his late night show yesterday, Stephen Colbert defended high gas prices and suggested he’s willing to pay more for a ‘clean conscience’:

$15 per gallon? No he’s not an elitist at all.

But seriously, do you think Trump could have ever enjoyed this kind of support from Colbert? If you leave everything in tact that Biden has done and just swap bodies between Biden and Trump, I guarantee you that Colbert would have had a very different take that would have gone something like this:

Trump is the reason we have war in Ukraine because he removed sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline and let them finish building it. That’s why Russia is invading and why US gas prices are so high right now and are crushing the poor. I drive a Tesla so I can handle it, but before long many won’t be able to drive their cars and Trump is to blame!

But with Biden all of that is completely ignored because he’s Colbert’s president. It’s really disgusting how partisan these leftist comedians are, ignoring the truth because they ‘won’ an election.

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