WATCH: Stephen Miller & Mark Levin ALARMING dissection of Biden’s ‘dictionary definition of unprecedented’ border APOCALYPSE

Mark Levin had Stephen Miller on to talk about the border on Sunday night. If there’s anyone who knows about it, it’s these guys.

They start out right off the bat with the “browning of America” nonsense, the lies and deception by Democrats and Media who pretend that any objection to the nation being overrun by people swarming across the border is racism.

As Levin and Miller irrefutably argue, it’s not about race but about the consequences of these idiotic policies that no other country would dare to try to sneak past their citizenry – NOT EVEN MEXICO AND CENTRAL AMERICAN COUNTRIES DO IT.

But we do it because the entire country has been held hostage by the “racism” accusation for over a decade and it’s destroying everything. It’s destroying America.

Anyway, don’t let me rant, watch this compelling, accurate, frightening discussion.

Warning, I should say.

“It’s the textbook dictionary definition of unprecedented.”


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