WATCH: Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade debate impeachment on Fox and Friends

Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade debated the impeachment of Trump this morning, with Kilmeade essentially calling the idea crazy and Doocy defending it:

Kilmeade suggests that if McConnell is such a smart politician, why would he advocate for something that will fracture the party just to move on from Trump? Kilmeade says that all the evidence thus far shows that Trump has not lost any of his base and that impeaching Trump, instead of just letting him leave office with a censure, is basically trying to move the Republican party in a new direction without Trump’s enormous base of voters. “Why do it without them?,” he argues.

But Doocy responds by highlighting the gravity of what happened last week, saying we’re talking about people in Congress who were under attack last week, saying the Capitol building was looted during a riot.

Kilmeade interrupts, comparing the Capitol riot to the riots and violence last year, saying “so was Portland every day and nobody cared on the left! Those people have lives too. Just because they don’t have medallions to go through metal detectors everyday… All the state houses and police houses that were ransacked, and nobody cared?”

“I don’t think what they were doing in Portland was trying to overthrow the democracy of the United States of America,” Doocy stated.

Kilmeade interjected “well if they could they would!”

Doocy responds, saying “I get it. There is some equivalency when you look at the fact that they were both attacks and they were both protests. But this was, essentially – and people on the political left say the president incited this… The president is the one who said ‘come to Washington, let’s have this big thing and it’s going to be wild’, and it was wild! Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are trying to figure out how to punish him because they say he has gone too far.”

I must say I’m with Kilmeade on this one. It’s lunacy to abandon so many Trump voters right now just to try and sever the president from the party with impeachment. I get that some of these leaders want to distance themselves from him to protect their own legacies and careers, but impeachment is extremely harsh, especially when the president didn’t call for any violence in his speech, but told the crowd to go peacefully protest and make their voices heard like patriots.

And by the way, fracturing the Republican Party is exactly what Democrats want. That’s why they are driving his bus, hoping Republicans will get on board. And clearly some of them have.

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