WATCH: Steven Crowder CONFRONTS convicted Antifa thug

Steven Crowder has released a new video where he confronted a convicted Antifa thug who tried to get people to throw milkshakes at him and set him on fire:

Here’s what Crowder said in the email:

That antifa thug who assaulted police officers and attempted to throw tomatoes at Trump?

Well it turns out he also tried to have some serious violence inflicted against me. So I tracked him down and confronted him

When Crowder confronted this thug, he actually denied what he wrote on Facebook, accusing Crowder of completely making it up. But Crowder wouldn’t be denied, and followed him around with this camera guys questioning him about it and why he feels the need to lie about it.

I’m gonna go ahead and make thread open as well:

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6 thoughts on “WATCH: Steven Crowder CONFRONTS convicted Antifa thug

  1. I love that Steven Crowder confronts these punks. They love to foment violence but can’t face the music when they’re actually held accountable for their actions.

    That dog story has to be the best one so far. Talk about man’s best friend. Sox gave him a purpose and they share an incredible bond, and how fun to see the world with your best friend on your cycle with you!

  2. Jeez, the punk was driving a minivan? Is it his mom’s? He really doesn’t even seem to have an idea in his head. He can’t even espouse a commie theory to ‘justify’ his actions.

  3. Crowder is the best, that’s why social media hates him. The tool he was talking to won’t change unfortunately. He’s too arrogant and low I.Q.

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