WATCH: Teacher bullies student over pride month cupcakes, gets BURNT

A teacher handing out ‘unicorn cupcakes’ to celebrate pride month, bullied a student for asking why straight kids don’t get a cupcake:

Here’s more from Daily Veracity:

A teacher – who according to parents has a history of treating students poorly – was caught on video calling one student a “jerk” and a “dip” while she passed out LGBT themed cupcakes in celebration of pride month.

“Would you like a special cupcake for being a straight jerk,” the teacher said while passing out the pride themed cupcakes.

Parents took to Facebook to express their outrage, and to talk about similar experiences they had to the one caught on video with the same teacher allegedly.

Parents on Facebook claim the teacher was Amanda Parker, an ESL/SS teacher, teaching 6th graders at Pershing Middle School in Springfield, MO.

Another parent wrote “This is not ok… You do not talk to students in this tone.” The parent went on to describe alleged incidents with the same teacher her son told her about when he was in her class.

“They were at a school party and two girls were ‘having sex’ in the bathroom. This teacher said ‘they are gay so they can’t make a baby so I really don’t care.”

The parent also spoke about an alleged Black Lives Matter flag the teacher has in the back of her classroom. The parent said she would frequently describe the flag as evert color except for White.

The parent also claims that this teacher has ‘cussed’ at her son before as well, before saying that this teacher should not teaching at St Louis public schools.

In a Facebook comment, another parent familiar with the teacher said “she as reserving the cupcakes for a specific group of people, and all the boy did was ask if he could have one even though he was not gay.”

Malkin wrote this morning that she confirmed with the school that the teacher has been fired and is no longer in the classroom:

Good riddance.

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