WATCH: Teacher explains how they keep confused transgender pretender kids choices away from unsupportive parents

A teacher explained on TikTok how and why they keep transgender pretender kids choices away from their unsupportive and harmful parents.

As Libs of TikTok says below, it’s worth watching.

Libs explains more below:

This is long but worth the watch.

A teacher explains how schools groom kids into being confused about their identity by affirming their gender transition all while hiding it from parents. The teacher thinks she’s keeping the kid safe.

This video is very telling.

A kid goes through a difficult time, like most kids do. The kid decides either on her own or most likely with the help from tiktok or her teacher, that the issue is her gender. The parents rightfully explain to her that she’s going through a phase and she’s not the opposite gender.

Instead of realizing the parents know their kid best and kids go through hard times and phases, the school and teachers collude to affirm her nonbinary identity and keep it a secret from the parents. This obviously causes further distress and anxiety for the kid.

The kid doesn’t come out of the phase, rather goes further into it because she was affirmed by “trusted adults” at school.

The teachers create a bigger and bigger separation between the kid and her parents. The parents are kept out of everything and have no clue what’s going on with their child. The kid is told the teachers are keeping her “safe” from her harmful parents.

Once they make you believe that parents are “harming” their kids, they can use that as justification to take them away. It’s happened before. It could happen to your child next.

Grooming 101. Keep your kids far away from these teachers.

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