WATCH: Ted Cruz explains what he thinks will happen to the Texas pro-life law and Roe v Wade

On his podcast, Ted Cruz explained what he believes will happen to the Texas pro-life law at the Supreme Court and also whether he thinks the court may overturn Roe v Wade:

The short version is that Cruz said he’d be shocked if the Texas law wasn’t upheld after hearing the arguments.

But even more than that, he is now quite optimistic that the high court may go one step further and overturn Roe v Wade, sending abortion law back to the states.

I certainly hope Ted Cruz’s optimism isn’t misplaced. It would be a huge victory for the unborn in most of the country if this horrible ruling was overturned. I say most of the country, because blue states like New York and California have made clear that they will still allow women to kill their unborn babies all the way up to birth. But for most states abortion would indeed become illegal and the life of the unborn would be protected by law.

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