WATCH: Ted Cruz explains WHY adding the census question is “basic common sense” – [ALSO Watch Ted Cruz Speech @ CUFI]

In the first half of this video Ted Cruz explains why adding the census question is “basic common sense” and why he says the ruling by Roberts was so disappointing:

Cruz makes the obvious first point that we really need to know how many illegals are in the country. He says we don’t know if the number that’s been bandied about for years is accurate, or if it’s really more like 20 million or higher.

But an even bigger point he makes is that the census under both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama asked the citizenship question, and he says it’s been on the long form census for a long time. So why can’t it be added to the short form?

Cruz indicated he was happy to hear that Trump and Barr are both pushing forward with this as it’s just ‘basic common sense.

Cruz also posted today his speech from CUFI last night and I thought you’d want to check that out too:

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