WATCH: Ted Cruz exposes Feinstein during Kavanaugh hearing today

Ted Cruz, in his normal brilliant way, refuted the nonsense put forth by Feinstein during the Kavanaugh hearing that they didn’t do anything wrong in this process.

Here’s full comments:

What happened in the clip (between the cuts) that you don’t see is that during Cruz’s comments, Feinstein interjected that they didn’t leak the letter to the press. But even more than that, Feinstein defended herself by saying that she was told to keep the letter confidential by Ford and that’s what she did.

However, as Cruz pointed out, that’s poppycock because the Senate Judiciary Committee has a confidential process where the claim could have been investigated confidentially while all parties and allegations remain confidential.

That’s important for several reasons. But the point that Cruz was making was that if Feinstein, the RANKING member of the committee, had done it through the normal confidential process, NOBODY gets drug through the mud and unfairly maligned. Not Kavanaugh. Not Ford. Nobody.

Understanding this helps one understand why Kavanaugh was so incensed at the Democrats today for how they handled it.

Watch the clip for more.

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