WATCH: Ted Cruz gave a killer answer on why tax cuts help the economy in debate against Beta O’Rourke!

Tonight in the debate with Beta O’Rourke, Ted Cruz was asked a loaded question that the media always asks when focusing on tax cuts and the economy, which is about the supposed ‘trillions in debt’ that they will cost and – the kicker – why he’s a ‘hypocrite’ for voting for them since he’s against debt.

But as usual, Ted Cruz knocked it out of the park.


You know it was like the moderator didn’t even hear his answer, evidenced by his follow-up question emphasizing how Cruz must be a hypocrite for voting for tax cuts that would add to the deficit.

What I loved about Cruz’s answer was how he went back in ‘recent’ history to show how tax cuts made the economy boom, from Kennedy to Reagan to Trump – using both Republicans and Democrats to make his point.

I also thought it was a great point to make that the only way to pay for the trillions in debt is through economy growth, which is why he voted for the tax cuts in the first place.

Watch the video for more…

If you want to watch the full debate, click here.

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