WATCH: Ted Cruz gives FIERY speech about the TRUTH at Faith & Freedom Coalition

It’s been a while since I’ve heard Ted Cruz give a fiery, impassioned speech like this, and it is fantastic. Cruz does nothing but speak the cold, hard truth to a nation that sorely needs to hear it:

Here’s a notable quote from the speech to wet your whistle:

Now as I was preparing the remarks backstage, I initially had a call to arms. And one of the folks on my team said no no no I’m sorry you can’t say that. No, no no, in this environment the numbskulls in the media – by which I mean all of them – the numbskulls in the media will say ‘see it’s a call to violent action’. No you nimwits!! Because you need help spelling it out, let me help you on this. A call to rhetorical arms! A call to be prayer warriors! A call to organize! A call to mobilize! And a call to go to the ballot box and use your arms to vote the bums out!!

The speech runs for just over 17 minutes but very much worth listening to every second.

In related news, since we’re talking about the Faith & Freedom Coalition, this happened today:

You know I hate this. I never did like the pressure Trump put on Pence in January to use his position to refuse certifying the election and I’ve never liked how he threw Pence under the bus in the end. It’s not that I’m a big Pence fan because, to be honest, I’m not anymore. But I just felt it was unfair and now, Pence being called a traitor because he wouldn’t do what Trump wanted – which was too big of an ask in my opinion – is grotesque.

Go ahead and use this as an open thread:

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