WATCH: Ted Cruz GOES ROUNDS with Chuck Todd on impeachment and Ukraine

This is another one of those things where both sides are screaming “Oh my gosh our guy destroyed their guy!” It came in an interview with Ted Cruz taking on Chuck Todd. Here’s the whole interview:

Chuck Todd is really focused on the delay that Trump put on the military aid sent to Ukraine, but Ted Cruz explains how overall Trump has been harder on Russia than Obama, and has helped Ukraine.

Here’s the argument the left is loving, when Chuck Todd asks Cruz if he believes Ukraine interrupted with the election:

I think it’s pretty obvious that liberals just love it that Chuck Todd rub’s Cruz’s face in all the crummy things Trump did to him during the primary. But Cruz doesn’t take the bait. And instead, he calmly and rationally explains how Ukraine interfered with the election. He also is very fair to admit that the evidence shows Russia “clearly interfered with our election.”

I think the important thing here is what Cruz said – the media is trying to emphasize Russian interference and ignore the possibility of Ukrainian interference, while Cruz simply argues those things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

When Cruz points out how Ukraine backed Hillary, Chuck Todd justifies their opinion, which is basically conceding to Cruz’s point. Cruz fights back and argues that the Democrats are running a “kangaroo court” and a circus. Quite a debate….

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