WATCH: Ted Cruz goes SCORCHED EARTH on Mayorkas for his catastrophe at Southern Border

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen Senator Ted Cruz as livid as he was in his questioning today of Secretary Mayorkas about his catastrophe at the Southern Border.

Cruz had charts and facts about migrant deaths, illegal encounters, gotaways, etc, and and all Mayorkas wanted to do was give speechy type answers and Cruz wouldn’t let him. It was really something to see.


If you feel sorry for Mayorkas over the grilling he got from Cruz, then you haven’t been paying attention to the horrific job he’s done as Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security.

The border has been an absolute catastrophe since Biden became president and Mayorkas hasn’t done anything to make it better. It’s only gotten worse and border state officials like Ted Cruz are wholly fed up with all the illegals who are dying, the overwhelming amount of border encounters, the skyrocketing number of gotaways escaping into this country with no one to stop them because the border is overrun.

And what makes all of this so infuriating is that President Trump had the border secure before Biden came in on day one and undid all of his reforms.

Yes, Mayorkas got the grilling he deserved this morning from Cruz and I feel certain most of you will agree. Mayorkas needs to be impeached, but since Republicans don’t control the Senate that’s very unlikely to happen.

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