WATCH: Ted Cruz GRILLS Andrew McCabe over Logan Act investigation of Flynn

Ted Cruz grilled Obama’s former deputy director of the FBI before the Senate Judiciary Committee on his investigation of General Flynn over the Logan Act today:

As you can see from the tweet, Ted Cruz also put McCabe on the spot regarding Joe Biden and his reported calls with foreign leaders from yesterday. He asked McCabe if Joe Biden was violating the Logan Act by talking with foreign leaders about their policies.

But McCabe refused to go there, saying he wouldn’t take Ted Cruz’s quote from Ben Rhodes on faith. Ted Cruz even tried to just make it a hypothetical, but McCabe still wouldn’t weigh in on whether or not Biden was violating the Logan Act.

Ted Cruz said he’d make it simple, saying that the Logan Act is unconstitutional and that Biden would not be guilty of violating it.

Cruz also grilled McCabe over the FBI’s investigation of Flynn. But McCabe kept dodging questions and eve claimed that the Logan Act wasn’t used to go after Flynn and that no one in the FBI was talking about it. Cruz asked him about this clearly, saying that there was abundant evidence to the contrary.

Lastly, Cruz put McCabe on the spot about his leak of Clinton Foundation information to the press, asking if Comey authorized it. McCabe did his best to dodge that question, but finally admitted that Comey at least knew about it. Cruz quickly pointed out that Comey claimed he did not know about it, suggesting that one of them wasn’t telling the truth.

Watch the video for more…

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