WATCH: Ted Cruz grills FBI Director Wray, gets stunning admission about Jan 6th investigation…

FBI Director Wray was testifying before the Senate today when he made a stunning admission about the FBI agent in charge of the January 6th investigation.

Ted Cruz asked Wray about the FBI debacle which was the Whitmer abduction case, which led to two men getting acquitted and two others getting a mistrial.

Wrap pointed out that the special agent in charge of the Detroit field office, which led the Whitmer investigation which was fraught with FBI misconduct, is now the agent running the DC field office and leads the January 6th investigation.


Below is a transcript of the important part from the exchange…

TED CRUZ: The name of the individual is Steven D’Antuono. He was run out of the FBI Detroit field office….

DIRECTOR WRAY: …To clarify the first part of your question, Mr. D’Antuono was the special agent in charge of the Detroit field office and is now the assistant director in charge of the Washington field office.

CRUZ: So the guy in charge got promoted and is now in charge of the January 6th investigation?

WRAY: The guy in charge of the whole Detroit field office is now in charge of the whole Washington field office.

CRUZ: That is astonishing.

What could go wrong?

Seriously, the FBI continues putting the wrong people in charge of important investigations, which leads to more mistrust of the agency when these things come to light.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the FBI has been hamstrung for the last decade with agents pushing political agendas amidst their high level investigations. And it started under former Director Comey, who let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her crimes and pushed a political coup against President Trump. It’s been garbage ever since and Wray isn’t fixing anything.

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