WATCH: Ted Cruz lays out the top three “grotesque abuses of power” in IG hearing and it’s devastating…

In his questioning of IG Horowitz, Ted Cruz laid out the top three errors in the IG’s report, errors that he said were much more than just ‘errors’, but rather “grotesque abuses of power”.

Watch his full questioning below:

You really should watch the entire clip because Cruz lays it out in a devastating way. But here are the three abuses of power that Cruz highlights:

1. After finding out from the primary subsource behind the Steele Dossier that Christopher Steele had “misstated and exaggerated” multiple sections of the dossier, that the more salacious portions of it were based only on rumor and speculation, the FBI then hid that new evidence from the FISA court and misled the court by only telling them that the primary subsource was ‘truthful’ and ‘cooperative’.

2. The FBI omitted to the FISA court that Carter Page was a source working for the CIA. And on top of that even lied to the FISA courts later, saying Page was “not a source”.

3. That the FBI didn’t reveal to the courts that this Steele dossier was opposition research funded by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

These weren’t just Cruz’s top three abuses of power, these were the IG’s top three in the report. And they are significant and egregious.

Here’s a few highlighted moments from Cruz’s testimony above that were going around Twitter:

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