WATCH: Ted Cruz makes a GREAT point about what Kavanaugh will have to endure after character assassination

Ted Cruz today made some very insightful comments regarding what Kavanaugh and his family will have to endure after the Democrats’ character assassination and smear campaign in the last two weeks.

Cruz began by noting that Kavanaugh said yesterday that these smears have destroyed his family. He suggested that some may consider this hyperbole, but pointed out that’s not at all the case. Rather, as himself the father of two girls, Cruz went on to explain just how this ‘destruction’ will likely play out in the future for both Kavanaugh and his family.


Again, this is why Kavanaugh was so angry yesterday. These allegations could have been handled in a much more professional and confidential way. But the Democrats decided that in order to keep baby killing legal, they had to burn down Kavanaugh’s house (figuratively speaking but not really) to force him to withdraw. And because of the politics of destruction, his family will have to deal with this evil for many, many years to come.

And lo the day that the Supreme Court actually overturns Roe v Wade, I worry that say may actually try and burn his house down.

As an aside, this is where the vote count for Kavanaugh stands with the undecideds:

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