WATCH: Ted Cruz SHATTERS false narrative by reporter on Democrat election bill

Quite a few Republican Senators showed up today at a press conference to oppose the Democrat election bill (S1), which amounts to a federal takeover of state and local elections. During the press conference, a Democrat propaganda reporter as a ridiculous question, wondering why so many Republicans showed up today to oppose the bill that is very popular with the American people.

Here’s her question:

This was…at the outset a real show of force against this bill. Is it because you’re worried about Manchin’s movement and the messaging on this? When you ask Americans do they support these measures – getting money out of politics; preventing foreign interference in elections – the bill itself is popular.

The question was asked of Roy Blunt, but after he finished Ted Cruz took a swing at her question and completely shattered her false narrative:

I don’t want to quote the whole thing, but here’s part of what Cruz said:

You talked about how this was a show of force. One of the reasons is that the press coverage so far of this bill has been virtually nonexistent. And you’re right, if you do polling on ‘do you support protecting the right to vote’, I’m amazed that’s not 100%. Protecting the right to vote is a wonderful thing. If you also do polling on the ‘fuzzy kittens and puppy law’, that has really good support in the polls too.

If you actually ask people about what is in this bill, it is incredibly unpopular. Democrats don’t want to talk about voter ID because 70-80% of Americans support it. A majority of Democrats support it. A majority of African Americans support it. They don’t want to talk about that. Democrats don’t want to talk about getting rid of the ballot harvesting laws because people recognize that invites corruption.

And I will say in terms of press coverage, I saw a recent analysis that the corporate media has covered the Georgia and Texas laws and the allegations that they’re voter suppression laws – which is complete nonsense – more than ten times as much as the corporate media has covered this brazen national power grab from the Democrats. I get it doesn’t fit an attractive political narrative for what many in the media want.

This is a power grab and I think the press have an obligation to cover it fairly and tell the American people what is in this bill.

Ted Cruz was way too nice to the press in this room. But he’s absolutely right that they aren’t covering the bill fairly. The question that this reporter asked points exactly to that, suggesting that the bill is just about “getting money out of politics” and “preventing foreign interference in elections” and that polling on the bill is wonderful. Cruz deftly refuted that nonsense and I’m glad he did.

There’s much more in the video so be sure and watch it.

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