WATCH: Texas DPS gets camera alert, calls Border Patrol, bust ILLEGALS hiding in rain SEWER

A rain sewer. That’s where these illegals attempting to enter the United States and avoid being apprehended and detained, or even (theoretically) sent back across the border, were hiding. But technology, a trooper, and the border patrol put an end to the scheme.

You don’t see many of these reports, even online, much less in the news. But it’s important to see that even while fighting the administration, the people tasked with the hard work of enforcing our laws are still trying to do their jobs well, do it safely, do it with an even hand and with care and professionalism.

It’s also important to see that this happens non-stop, all the time, every day in Texas. The flow of illegal immigrants and worse across the border is continuous, egged on by the policies of Biden and the Democrats.

This reporter, Bill Melugin, fearlessly reports these stories objectively knowing that his leftist colleagues and industry will despise him for it, and probably seek retribution against him. But he keeps reporting the news.

Worth seeing it with your own eyes. It’s not just statistical data, this is a thing that happens constantly here.

Meanwhile, please consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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