WATCH the Duck Commander talk about why this country needs a lot more Jesus

Duck Commander Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty spoke to the congregation of Saddleback church in July on why people need Jesus and why the founders would agree – and I gotta say it was awesome. I watched it last night and knew I had to post it for you guys. Duck Commander’s message is really simple, that people need to love God and love each other and he delivers it beautifully. He really is a fantastic preacher.

Just watch, you’ll love it:

UPDATE: Welcome Duck Commander fans from Facebook! And thanks to the OFFICIAL fan page for Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” for linking to us!

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308 thoughts on “WATCH the Duck Commander talk about why this country needs a lot more Jesus

  1. If just following the Golden Rule was all that was necessary…..why did God sacrifice His Only Begotten ? Jesus -the only Way.Salvation is in JESUS not ‘church membership.

  2. please be aware, this is not the only route to eternal life.
    I was born catholic. father was roman catholic, mother was ukranian orthodox. I was given the chance to research and follow my own path.
    while the path I chose does not necessarily follow Jesus as the “son of god”, nor do I believe in the new testament, kabbalah, Koran…
    I believe in the ability to treat those you meet as your equals.
    it is a trait easily lost amongst my generation.
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    why is that so hard to understand, and why is it so hard to understand that we all, of all faiths, hold that as our one and only rule?
    do you think our faith is so different from yours?
    do you think I want to hurt you?
    and you don’t even know what I believe,,,
    I believe:
    harm none.
    how much can I really be hurting you all?

    1. Sweet Ariel, I pray that someday you will not be listening to
      the Great Deceiver, the Prince of Darkness of the earth. He is so
      convincing and has whispered to you the untruths you believe. I will pray
      that your eyes will be opened to the Truth of scripture. Jesus IS the
      way. There is no way to get to the Father but though Him. John 14:6
      “…Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and
      the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” It is not by good deeds that we will make it
      into Heaven. It is through faith and
      belief in the One who died for us. Of course you are entitled to your beliefs and opinion, as am I.
      Duck Commander is right. Love comes from God. We are to love
      Him and love others. God bless you.


    2. You will hurt only yourself upon your death. You will go to hell a place you do not want to be, it will be for all eternity with no escape. Get Jesus. Please!!

  3. Ya know maybe this is old but after looking at several following post…several people are opinionated, not a bad thing. DISAGREE…thats fine. However, we gotta think about what is right for us and understand what others have found and what is right for you. After 911 (my mom was a flight attendant from CO to NY and I didn’t hear from her from 4+ hours, when it was announced that the 1st world trade center was hit) I realized that if my mom was OK that I would be dedicated to a religion and a GOD. I chose Buddha. Relax, meditate and realize what you are dedicated to. It doesn’t help to fight on line, just agree to just disagree. In fact, when I have students who are Islamic I try to meditate and calm before the teaching consumes. Behave Ya’ll and Astamamloga!

  4. WoW! my heart is broken for all of the sins I’ve committed, but I know Jesus will praise and be surprised at the changes I’ve made. Thank you Phil for your Words of Wisdom. I’ve came a LONG way and know that I’m gonna be OK, I just don’t know about Jesus…I wanna worship a GOD that I truly believe in. Help me. Dont know if the bible or korhan, Budda or Chirst. Help me…I know the direction will lead me to the correct decision. ABILENE, TX

  5. Dear Sir, what a wonderful page. For a 82 year old viewer, I really would have loved to see you all, when you were in Missouri. You should come and see the church the members build with their own money. It is really beautiful, And our pastor is TV quality, meaning the greatest speaker and voice I have ever heard and I have heard alot add my age. I am on face book, look me up. Bunny Jay.

  6. I’m all for people being better through whatever means necessary. The problem I have with organized religion is when they start forcing their beliefs on others. That goes for Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, etc. Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t marry a gay person. Don’t like murder? Start protesting wars instead of pushing for more.

    1. This awesome and it is not pushing it on others, it’s giving people an opportunity to come to know The Way, the truth, the life the one and only Jesus.

    2. Being better won,t get you to heaven. You need Jesus …. That’s not pushing …… that’s a fact.

    3. James – Mr. Robertson isn’t pushing. He’s talking, teaching and even pleading but not pushing. And you want to blame all the evils on the world on religion but I don’t see my church or any one down the street advocating or promoting or absolving these Wars, quite the opposite. I see instead corporations that have legal rights as humans but are soulless and the people who own and run them act soulless behind that shield as if if the corporation commits theft or murder or rape it is not on them. That’s nothing to do with organized religion. And only one religion you listed actually preaches honor killings, and death to gays, rape and murder of women and children and I do feel it is indeed evil for all those things Islam. Buddhists, Jews and Christians have preachings of peace and love. Don’t you know that?

      Yes, gay marriage violates Christian and Jewish religious law and that’s because marriage is a religious act. The state state shouldn’t be involved one way or the other and where these two people who want to be married need to have government recognized rights that can be done with a civil union. And there are churches who do marry same sex now, but not all do. It is their freedom not to do so. Just as it is their freedom not to marry children or marry relatives or marry someone against their will.

      I think Jesus loves everyone, including “gay” people. And if they love someone and devote their life to a loving relationship with that person then they are doing all Jesus has asked of us. Seems to me that the homosexual members of our society should love Jesus as much as he loves them and we can come together in love to change the hearts of some Christians and Jews etc who may have hate or at least no love of the fellow men and women based on that person’s private and personal choice. No one is perfect, after all. And blaming the entire Christian faith for the mistakes of some few is in itself a bigotry and practice of hate.

      Most Christians aren’t focusing their beliefs onto others when they disagree on the government changing the definition of marriage. To the contrary they are protesting the government forcing the beliefs of others onto them. Look at that bakery being sued for refusing to make a cake for a same sex marriage because it violates their faith. You may see them being hateful of homosexuals, perhaps but I see people who have their religious beliefs trampled by our ever bloated and corrupt government in the name of a minority who could just find a baker that wants to work with them.

      There is a definite hate of Christians going on right now and it makes me sad when i think of all the great works and love the Christian community has given to the world. And that our country was founded by Christians and as a Christian country. If we had stayed by those principles we would not be in the trouble we are in today.

      1. Disagreeing with the book of Romans chapter one? God loves us but doesn’t leave us in our sin. Whether a ‘homosexual’ or a adulterer, or murderer one has to turn from sin –repent’ and seek Gods’ will. Good deeds nor good intentions don’t win anyone ‘brownie points’ with God. We must ‘be born again’ to see Gods’ kingdom. That’s not my opinion-its Gods’ Word.

  7. This man knows his scripture and the message is right on. Jesus turned my life around 62 years ago and have found Him to be faithful to everything he says in the Bible. After me came my sister, father, mother, grandparents, sons, grandchildren and some whom I have prayed for. Jesus gives eternal life to those who accept his death on the cross as their reconciliation with God.

  8. A powerful message for every person on earth. May We All be Blessed with Love, faith, hope and peace to and for each other. Love and Blessings

  9. I knew these folks were Godly first time I saw the show. ThanK God it is on TV may they continue to Bless others with there show.

  10. Loved Phil Robertson’s message. Everyone needs to hear it and respond to it with a BIG ‘I’m sorry God, please take me back into your fold’. And if you were never in His pasture to start with THEN please ask Him to let you in NOW before it’s too late. AMEN. l love you all as well.

    1. Hello The Walker, before you slander Christianity, I challenge you to go to any library in the world, and find 66 books which match the characteristics of the 66 books in the Bible. You must choose 66 books, written by 40 different authors, over 1,500 years, in 3 different languages, written on 3
      different continents. However, they must share a common storyline, a common theme, and a common message, with no historical errors or contradictions.

      ” Religious Nonsense or Nuts as you have commented ” If you can produce such a collection of books, I will admit that the Bible is not the inspired word of God.”

        1. Oops sorry James I should have stated the original bible as written in 3 languages & not those interpreted by man. but i must say that if you read & study those bibles you will find during those years all the books from 3 different continents were written about one man…. Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior. I must say even if you’re not a believer if you live your life according to the bible you will be a very fine person. Blessings for your life no matter what you believe!

        2. really,have you ever thought that god had a reason to make you think? and yes its full of interesting stuff,to bad you can’t get it.i’ll pray for you god will open your spiritual eyes so you can see and your ears so you can hear, oh yea godbless the sinner and hate the sin, do you realize jesus rules,he was god in the flesh,you know the bible then yu would know the trinity,holy spirit,god,jesus are one,now if your so perfect wow i’d like to know you,because my bible says no man good only god,and he created satan,now what about that and the fallen angles we call demons wow isn’t it interesting,praise our heavenly father amen and amen,you know it states to this generation shall not pass to the pearly gates look it up. and then if your right then i’ll hear you,but the bibles devine,i believe it’s that way on purpose so people can do and have a hay day sin like a rat and pray before jesus arrives they have there act together,look around revelation is coming to pass. I pray your not a satan worshiper,now that’s just crazy,i’d rather worship the one that created him. godbless and have a grt. day.

          1. I think you may have had a stroke. Please seek medical attention. How can you read the bible when you can barely make readable sentences?

    2. really what do you know I don’t? now this could cause a religious war,just on that saying alone,go figure and god knows you need him,so just read and experience his true love,hey it’s all about love, why be so judge mental, god loves us all and what makes you the one to judge anyone let em believe what they want,you can either go to hell or heaven the neat thing is you have a choice. thanks to jesus……….amen and amen,and yea I love the lord,what is your problem did someone hurt you? so you blame god blame satan…..

    3. oh i’ll put a prayer in myself,apparently we all need it,like I said no ones perfect,and I thank the good lord everyday otherwise i’d be a hurting person he took my pain away,and for you to call people religious nutts really is selfish,,like who gave you the right to say any of us are relious nutts,really sad if you think about it.judge not least you want to be judged and throw the first stone if your without sin…… and if you can wow I met a perfect human being.and from I understand man wrote the bible because the holy spirit fell upon them,hello……and god wrote the first chapters called the tora look it up,it will educate you and i’m trying to help you to realize you do have a free will,which will it be heaven or hell,after all it is your choice unless your unable to make one because your possessed oh yea I witnessed that to… you the religious nutt,wow amen and amen

  11. Maybe the man on the phone doesnt know any better! FYI people everyone does not know or want to know God, and i dont think God has a problem with it! He sent his son even while we were sinners! Love em anyways! Its the goodness of God that leads them to repentance!

    1. I think God does have a problem with it… It grieves the Lord when even one of his sheep are lost. He REJOICES when the sheep is found Luke 15:4. He loves everyone and desires a personal relationship with everyone he has created. To say God doesn’t have a problem with it, maybe too far off. But i do believe he loves the sinner and hates the sin. And when you come to Christ he works in you and cleans you up 🙂

  12. God, thank you for Phil Robertson and his lovely Christian family. They live with Your Love and witness Your Word in their lives every day. Every Christian should share that love they have with others they come in contact with each day. What a refreshing family show!

  13. Why would you put all ten in the courthouse when idolatry, coveting, ignoring the Sabbath, taking God’s name in vain, and adultery aren’t illegal? Only three of them are actually in US law.

    1. As Phil Robertson said, breaking each is a sin and will, one way or another, get you to the courthouse. You covet, you are likely to sin by stealing, murdering, or adultery. Thus coveting will get you there just as easy. Idolatry is not a sin on the 10 commandments, but it will still make you worship the wrong thing, make wrong decisions, and quite likely put you in the courthouse. Not honoring the Sabbath may not directly put you in the courthouse, but it will put you in a mindset that will more than likely put you there in the long run, so Mr. Robertson has it right.

    2. Pete your name should be Paul because Paul was a Pharisee of Pharisees. He knew the Jewish Law and took pleasure in seeing that Christians were stoned or executed. Yet he still could not out argue Jesus and you can’t either. Paul later wrote so much that it forms the backbone of the new church recorded in the Bible.

  14. Thank you, Lord, for Phil’s witness and willingness to be your instrument. God bless this family for the millions of lives they’ve touched. What an amazing phenomenon to see.

  15. Thank you Robertson’s for sharing God’s love with all that will be smart enough to listen.. and those whom you love, as Jesus loved us…..God bless you all!

  16. Thank you for speaking the truth in love.Your family makes my heart happy when you pray at the end of each show. It reminds me of home when I a kid at home. God bless you and your precious family. Your sister in Christ, Brenda

    1. I know where Woodward Oklahoma is!! I lived in Lawton two different times. We lived there from 1974 until 1977 when military husband received orders for Germany. We lived in Germany for 5 years and then came back to Lawton in 1982. We always left the second “w” out of Woodward when we said it, like Woodard. I was told that’s how everyone pronounced it there. lol Anyway, I hope Phil visits your chuch!! God Bless You!!!

  17. Amen… a great message!

    Here are a couple of quotes very eloquently stated from one of my favorite authors:

    “It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in
    contemplation of the life of Christ. We should take it point by
    point, and let the imagination grasp each scene, especially the
    closing ones. As we thus dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, our
    confidence in Him will be more constant, our love will be
    quickened, and we shall be more deeply imbued with His spirit. If we
    would be saved at last, we must learn the lesson of penitence and
    humiliation at the foot of the cross.” (Desire of Ages; pg 83)

    “Christ was treated as we deserve, that we might be treated as He deserves.
    He was condemned for our sins, in which He had no share, that we
    might be justified by His righteousness, in which we had no share. He
    suffered the death which was ours, that we might receive the life
    which was His. ‘With His stripes we are healed.'” (Desire of Ages; pg.25)

    Hanging upon the cross, Christ was the Gospel.

  18. Pretty good message, ‘cept it’s to people already changed/regenerated by the Spirit of God for as the Apostle Paul stated: 1 Corinthians 2:14

    But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Therefore the Spirit of God must first do the work on the recipient’s heart prior to being able to act in any way. For no man can do this nor can the gospel convert: John 6:44

    No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
    Simply reading the gospel will not save you eternally but will give you some temporal salvation. God’s Spiritual actions upon you the recipient is what saves eternally. The blessed gospel of the grace of God is the good news
    or joyful tidings of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    It proclaims the rich and wonderful mercy of our gracious God
    to poor, lost, needy sinners, who in heart-experience feel to
    be under a heavy load of sin and guilt, and wearied with going
    about to establish their own righteousness. It was designed,
    and is especially suited, for the spiritually wounded, weary,
    sick and helpless. It plainly declares God’s grace which is so
    sovereignly free and infinitely rich to all those given spiritual
    ears to hear this joyful sound. It is not an offer of salvation
    at all, but the sweet message of deliverance through that unconditionally
    free and finished salvation wrought out by our glorious and blessed
    Redeemer. Its most blessed truths give our merciful God all the
    praise, and it fully reaches down to all poor, hungry, thirsty
    and contrite-hearted souls.
    The Duck Commander still gets an A+ for trying.

    1. Not all people who go to church are “in Jesus”. There are many other reasons people go to church. Even while sitting in God’s house we still need to be reminded of His love, gace and mercy and the promise of eternal life. Without reminders, we, as sinners, will wander and loise our way. Thank you Jesus for all my blessings!

  19. Plainly eloquent! Love the message and the program! Keep up the good work and never forget your roots or neglect your faith!

  20. I always enjoy listening to this man, even though I am not a Christian myself. He has such a soothing way of speaking.

    1. He tells it like it is , and if you don’t have Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the place you go isn’t so soothing, it’s not soothing way of speaking,it’s a Jesus way of speaking

    2. God looks in our heart and judges us by our acts – not our religion. It is not necessary to be Christian. All faiths that teach love, kindness and good works are beautiful in the eyes of God. Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer Bleemel!

      1. but the bible clearly says it’s by his grace we are saved not by good deeds or works,so be careful ,jesus came to set us free and we do have a free will I chose jesus,holyspirit,god are all one without jesus we all would be going to hell,i believe god so loved the world he gavehimself in the flesh so we can have a beautiful afterlife,and like it says free will,what will you chose? heaven or hell just that simple jack!!!! hey read the mighty word the bible and pray for spiritual vision and then the heavenly father will make it like a childs book,and by his stripes we are healed,noone has to be sick satans a liar a thief and out to take you with him his fate was already done when jesus died on the cross ,kinda kool jesus fooled him…….and he went to hell and locked satan up,now what a trip is that and won so I choose jesus,jesus rules.amen and amen,love all the sinners and hate the sin that’s my jesus

  21. Mr. Robinson, I would like to ask you a question! I have a 21 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. Their dad,s have never beena big part in either of their lives. My ququestion to you is, How do I get them to listen to the Word Of God (The Bible) without being them being rude or disrespectful?? Please, a single mother in need of help!!!! [email protected]

    1. Take ur son to church with you. Be an example. Listen to christian music in the car or a cd of a sermon from a pastor you like at home or in your car. Be Jesus to them.

      1. Be involved in their lives. and take what Julie said to heart. They learn from you first and foremost. Praying for you.

    2. Love them, and keep loving them like God shows his love. Look past the faults, failures and bad attitudes etc. ask God to give you a love for them like God has for you. It’s the love of God that changes us. Don’t force anything on them let God bring Them in His timing. It will happen. God promises that you and your household will be saved. It will happen. And most importantly, keep praying!!! Prayer is sometimes the thing that gets more done then we coulD eVer do.

    3. God is the One who chooses, not us. If your children or any child will be changed it will be by The Spirit of God sometime between conception and death, if indeed they are His. The change can be obvious by their lifestyle they choose or it can be hidden completely from the human eye. Many of God’s chosen have been changed just prior to death. Billions have passed this life without ever hearing the Gospel; yet, God has a people in every nation, tongue, kindred, and tribe from the foundation of this world. It makes no difference that they do not respond immediately to the church or to the gospel as The Christ exampled this with the workers in the vineyard, some coming in the 11th hour getting the same award money wise as did those who showed up for work early. All you can do is set a lifestyle example, gently not forcefully encourage these children in a Christian life style, and enter into your prayers begging that these children may learn of the Lord at an early age. But most important…love them unconditionally.

      1. God doesn’t choose…He gives everyone THE CHOICE of life or death. It’s THEIR CHOICE and not Gods. He wants EVERYONE to be saved but He will not save them against thier will. And He will not save those who walk contrary to the Word, as revealed in His word.

        You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!

          1. God has placed “a little faith in all men”, but that does not mean that we can’t resist the Holy Spirit. Thousands have turned thier back on the gospel message AFTER they have been called by the Holy Spirit.

            Just saying…everyone has a choice.

            “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

    4. Take them to Church. You are the Parent. You are in charge, they should not have any choice, but to respect their Mothers wishes.

    5. first off in my opion i’d take each one and read the bible at least half hour before they go to bed,i did and the bible states bring your children up right with the lord and you will have lonegity and ect…and then pray for there father and bind satan and rebuke him and his evil demons and then do a blessing in your home and don’t allow them to hang out with kids that are destructive and tell them your there provider and if they don’t like it get out and demand repest and make them go to a spiritfilled church,not a demon type, and give them to god because god doesn’t give us more than we can handle and buy anointing oil and bibles and make them read and study one scpicture a night I did and gues what my children were hell on wheels and like I said bring them up in the lord they may stray but they do come back jack!!!!!that’s my story and i’m sticking to it so take control,teenagers have hormones and you need to make them do the right thing hey your mom there the children stake your claim,amen and amen.godbless you love your sister in jesus chirst our lord……

  22. Fellow Christians,
    Please stop blaming the government for the failure of our Churches. “They took Jeezuz out of our schoolsss!!! NOOOO”… ok, that’s not the problem. The problem is that y’all felt entitled to have Him there in the first place. We need to look to our local Churches for leadership.

    Here’s a bold statement for you: It doesn’t matter what principles we were founded on. What was Britain founded on? What was Greece founded on? See, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the way they are now. America is still an experiment. We’ll see what we become in 1000 years. Cultures evolve. That is a neutral statement of fact. I don’t have to like what it becomes, but we all need to stop being so shocked when it happens.

    We live in country that is VERY obsessed with how it was founded and what it was supposedly founded on. Our foundations are fantastic! It’s so wonderful that large groups of oppressed people got on boats from Europe to travel over to America in order to oppress other people. The role of government over all of recorded history has been varied. We live in a democratic republic- not a theocracy.

    A government represents its population- NOT the current Christian minority. Good ‘Ole ‘Murica is NOT a “Christian nation.” Please don’t let that upset you. I think the moment that we look to our government for moral leadership we’re screwed. Why is it that every US president for the past 50 years has felt compelled to give some accounting of their Christian faith? It’s because American Christians demand it. They have some serious trouble separating God and Country. “Pro aris et focis!!! YEEAAAAH” <- That is ridiculous and should be removed from our Churches ASAP. Christ's teachings have very little to do with the kingdoms of this earth. He brings in a New Kingdom, right? Don't be surprised when lost people act like lost people. Don't wag fingers at society, rather, work with fellow Christians to make a difference in your communities.

    I would like everyone in the world to have an opportunity to hear the gospel and give it a chance. Every Christian should be on a PERSONAL mission to make this happen. Don't get your government involved in it, don't rely on your celebrities to endorse, don't get your entertainment to support it, YOU have to go out and do it right now.

    The next time some big Christian movie blockbuster, book, or tv show gets dumped into our culture, look at the responses. Christians think it's the best thing since the sermon on the mount, and non-Christians ignore it at best.
    The next time a politician runs their platform on "Christian values" look at the responses! Christians jump up and down screaming that so-and-so is our "only hOOPPPEE", and non-Christians just get angry.
    The last time I had a conversation with an atheist about my faith you know what happened? They listened, respected me for it, and thought about it for at least a second.

    1. I will take the time when everyone knew everyone in town because they saw each other at church and around town and the time when school prayers were led every morning before we said the pledge of allegiance about our one nation UNDER GOD to what we have in our schools and society any day. If that is putting God into our government, then sign me up because I know for a FACT that if people were forced to be convicted for the things they do, we would not end crime, but it would be vastly decreased.

      1. Steven,
        In all 2000+ years of Christianity, it has never done well when supported by a government. I think Constantine was one of the worst things to happen to the gospel. I think GWBush was a close second.. (Rick Perry is also somewhere on that list).

        The spread of the gospel is ALWAYS hindered by support of the state. Prayer in a private Christian school is great! I would encourage any parent who can afford it to send their children to a private school.

        Prayer in a public school that is attended by a mix of people from many backgrounds and beliefs is not right. This goes for anything that is publicly funded and sponsored. I’ll make a very obvious statement- Christians are not the only people in America. Seems obvious, right? Why can’t American Christians cope with that, get over it, and continue to spread the gospel regardless?

        1. Jesus did not just share the truth with those that wanted to hear it, He spoke to the broken, the adulterers, the tax collectors, the Gentiles.. He spread the gospel to the hurting. There are so many people that are hurting, and it doesn’t just stop in the PUBLIC schools… If anything it is much more vital to share the Lord with the people that want nothing to do with it, because it is those people that need to know that they are loved by an almighty God (no matter what they have done in the past). As far as this country, doesn’t it make sense that we should include God in the way our country is run,– He is the one who created it– I’m pretty sure He knows how to run it better than any President… And how do you expect “everyone in the world to have an opportunity to hear the gospel and give it a chance” if it should ONLY be share in the PRIVATE schools, or if we can ONLY pray for ourselves and not stand up with others publicly and pray for our nation to be led by a Holy God? Spreading the gospel means it is not circumstantial, it’s not just in the private setting or in a place where you know it will be accepted well, but spreading it in areas of oppression, in the public schools, in the office, in the grocery store. This world needs Jesus, and that’s how we can work together in our community, is by spreading the gospel despite whether or not it is accepted in public places….

        2. Public prayer should not be in ‘public schools’. ANYONE can, at ANYTIME, bow their heads for a moment and say a prayer to God… whether it be when the parents send the kid off to school (preferably, so as to pray personally with your children), just before school starts, or before each class, children have the opportunity to bow their heads before the Creator of the universe and ask for guidance and protection.

          They don’t have to make a ‘public spectacle’ of it.

        3. Also, what you are saying is only parents that can afford to send their kids to private school should have prayer in their schools. Why? Don’t you think low income kids need prayer too?

    2. We’re in this mess because God is no longer in our gov’t.
      Christians in the minority? Hardly. Christians still make up most of the nation and yes, we are a Christian nation.

  23. The Washington quote is right. The Madison quote is misattributed to him – even David Barton, the author of, “The Myth of Separation Between Church and State,” who originally said it was his backed down on it.

  24. What is amazing is the supposedly “smart people” who just can’t figure out why our society and younger generation has deteriorated to the point it is. Well, listen to Phil, look at how the Bible, prayer, the word God has been banned from the schools etc. When that chief justice of the supreme court struck prayer from schools is when it all started to go downhill.

  25. Wonderful theological but common sense points. The New Pope seems to be on a kick for multi-attempts at following Jesus via social justice. I would have liked to see more on first, repenting from one’s sin, then gaining salvation ,then following Jesus as He directs in all fields of life not just for settling the poor, poverty et al. Duck says that we all need more of Jesus as…first principles. One cannot get enough of Jesus without bowing one’s knees to the need for personal redemption first and then, one can go do what Jesus directed in the Sermon on the Mount.

  26. this guy preaches in away that is the truth…I have heard a lot in my life but I love this one the best thanks phil…may god bless you…with love from CANADA

  27. i love this testimony but just to let you know this was also spoken years ago by him. like to see some new stuff

  28. This country doesn’t need more Jesus. I am a non-Jesus follower. I, for example, follow the religion of Abraham and Issac. I wouldn’t say that other people should be converted to the Jewish faith just because I follow it.

    Nor should this country have more Muhammad just because some people believe in Muhammad.

      1. Agreed, Keyes.

        I wonder why the moderation of Thunderbirds comments? Any clues? An accidental flag perhaps? I don’t even know how to use that button so just a guess.

        1. I never saw his comment about Divine Providence and the Declaration of Independence. Don’t know if it posted and was removed or he thought it posted but there was a technical glitch and it didn’t post. Very strange.

          1. Strange indeed. Great posts tonight, Keyes! I’m shutting down for the evening. God bless, brother and keep up the great work!

      2. This country was founded on freedom, including freedom of religion, as established in the First Amendment. We need to continue to support freedom of religion and let people believe in whatever values they want.

        Many conservative Christians cite the fact that the number of Christians who wrote the Constitution was many. Look at their words: They said freedom of religion and freedom of establishment of government religion. At any rate, there were very few Jews who wrote the Constitution and no mention of Judaism as a founding principle, so it can’t be said that this nation was founded on Jewish principles.

        1. The founders weren’t questioning Christianity, they were rebelling against a State run denomination. Christianity was the fundamental principle, but denominational and doctrinal differences and opinions were the main points of conflict. The freedom to practice other religions has been covered by courts and opinions on the constitution, however the base document itself is based in Christianity.

          1. The document can be arrived at without Christianity. The enlightenment ideals are the basis for human rights that were included in the Constitution.

            I am simply disagreeing with Duck Commander saying that we (me included, being that I am an American) need more Jesus.

            1. But the facts are that it, the constitution, was NOT arrived at without Christianity, here or anywhere else, for that matter. You are absolutely free to believe what you want as far as your faith goes, but you are revising history with that comment with a hypothetical statement that may lead others to the wrong assumptions that you have.

            2. No one is making you watch Mr. Robertson! If you disagree, then just turn it off or open your mind just a tiny little bit and look more into who Jesus was.

        2. This country and this world was saved by Jesus and with Him we fall into place but without Him it’s falling apart. “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”
          ―George Washington

          1. The US can easily govern itself well without Jesus. Similarly, other nations do in fact govern themselves well without Jesus.

            Around the world, it is the nations that most try to govern based on religion that often have the worst governing.

            1. Do you live in the US and follow the news? This country is NOT governing itself well at all. For example: Always, the first things cut when GOVERNMENT needs more money is Education and Social Security. SO! Screw the kids before they even have a chance to learn anything, THEN screw the ones that made this country better to begin with. We need more people to “Love thy neighbor”, “Honor thy Mother and Father”, Thou shalt not STEAL, Thou shalt not KILL. That’s only 4, but if the world actually followed this, imagine what a nice place to live we would have. We don’t want a government BASED on religion, we want a government to accept and believe how important religion is. Our current government (it seems to me) is turning into Big Brother and wants to rule EVERY aspect of our lives.

              1. We have Big Brother because they are funding education and other social programs. All unconstitutional. That is why they are able to control us. Those types of programs should be voted on by state legislatures whether or not they want those programs.
                Look at Common Core that is now being put into our schools. They aren’t teaching our kids ‘cursive writing now. That means our kids won’t be able to read our founding documents for themselves as everything was written in cursive writing. They are teaching them a very difficult way to do simple multiplication, etc. It’s all about control with federal dollars.

          2. I think G.W. might be thinking… “without a strong belief in God and the Bible”… which means laying self aside you trust God to help you make MORAL decisions that would impact your nation for the good of all it’s citizens – those who believe in God as well as those who don’t believe… religious and non-religious alike.

    1. Everyone has their right to an opinion. I may disagree with your opinion but absolutely support your right to it. No ill will intended.

    2. The G-d of Abraham and Isaac said “I am the Lord Thy G-d … Thou shalt have no other gods before me. His word teaches again and again that all other gods are false and nothing but a path to Hell.

      To know this, but not to share it is cruel beyond reason!

      As Christians, we know that Jesus is the fulfillment of the pact between G-d and Abraham, and share this fact with all who will stand still long enough to hear it!

      To do otherwise is to be responsible for men being lost forever!

      1. As a follower of the G-d of Abraham and Isaac, I don’t take any one else–including Jesus–as my god. I should tell you to stop following Jesus/God, because you are (apparently) going to Hell for not obeying the Ten Commandments and for believing in a religion that I don’t believe in (and one that is wrong).

          1. The doctrine of the Trinity defines God as three divine persons. Jesus is one of them. He is worshiped as a God, a false idol.

            I mean, you have people say “Jesus is the Lord.” It’s a pretty clear indication that he is considered to be a form of the lord.

            1. lord,: 2 of many definitions:
              8 initial capital letter ) the Supreme Being; God; Jehovah.
              9.initial capital letter ) the Savior, Jesus Christ.


              Messiah: 2 of a few definitions
              1 the promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish people.
              2.Jesus Christ, regarded by Christians as fulfilling this promise and expectation. John 4:25, 26.

          2. Jacqueline, please take a moment to breathe deeply. I hope you will find a more loving way to approach this online conversation. I encourage you to show some restrain and turn to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit before you lash out and these people. As right as you might be, you are not representing Christ with your tone right now and I exhort you to remove yourself from the conversation.

            1. I hope my tone is not judged by the the type of font that I am using..the truth is the truth, the Jews are preparing for their messiah. They do have the same prophecies as the Christians, their book is the Torah they do not have the new testament. Christians do not worship Jesus as GOD. Do not judge my tone by my font, you are not acting in the love of our Lord and Savior.

              1. As I said, you are right. I’m not arguing with any of your points; however, it is pretty obvious that you are approaching everyone here very aggressively. Saying things like ‘get it right’ convey a very specific and sarcastic attitude. I have given my exhortation to you as a peer in Christ. Let’s make sure we are spreading the gospel and not just ‘standing up’ for something.

                1. I am standing up for something. I am standing up for the truth. As a Christian I have never worshiped Jesus as GOD, he is not a false idol. and if the point is going to be made then yes they need to get it right.

                2. I see where you’re going with this. I personally hold the doctrine of the Trinity and I believe The Father, Son, and Spirit are the 3 ways God relates to man. I’m not going to argue that. What I’m trying to tell you is that this is not a temple-clearing moment for you. I’m glad you can ‘stand up for something’, but please prioritize. You are not going to change a single person’s mind here today with your diatribes against them; however, this COULD be an opportunity to keep cool and make a point that would spread the Good News.

                3. stop being so judgmental, I listen to GOD not you, my approach might just be GOD speaking through me. so you need to get it right.

                4. You’re judging me for being too judgmental! AAAH!! 🙂 I hope you have a Godly mentor, and that you respect them enough to accept their admonition. May the love of God go with you and show through your actions today. I need to step out of this conversation.

                5. by the way I am replying to one person in this discussion..and this was his response
                  The doctrine of the Trinity defines God as three divine persons. Jesus is one of them. He is worshiped as a God, a false idol.

                  I mean, you have people say “Jesus is the Lord.” It’s a pretty clear indication that he is considered to be a form of the lord

            2. Ephesians 5:15 … See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, 16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

            3. self-right·eous [self-rahy-chuhs, self-] Show IPA
              confident of one’s own righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.

            4. Full Definition of ADMONISH
              a : to indicate duties or obligations tob : to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner
              : to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to

        1. Jesus was around in the beginning (John 1), if you read Genesis it says lets make men in our image. Now there needs to be more than just one person for that to happen, I believe God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were present at creation. God’s plan of redemption started in Genesis 3:15 and the woman’s offspring refers to Jesus the Son of God. Throughout the OT Jesus was active with Israel as the Angel of the Lord mentioned many times. The prophets especially Isaiah foretold his coming. Jesus fulfilled many prophecies that were made in the Old Testament. If you need any more proof, let me know

          1. I disagree with your beliefs anyway. Nothing to argue. Just leave it and say we will believe different things.

            1. alright, just giving you Old Testament proof that Jesus is the Son of God and the messiah that was foretold thousands of years before he came to earth…. no big deal

        2. Maybe you should check out Jesus and see. I know many Jews who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. He too was a Jew, as we all know. I am praying for you that you will accept our Savior and understand that you have no one to wait for any longer.
          You supposedly don’t believe in hell.

        1. Yes they were Christians. The blood of the covenant that is Jesus Christ went forward as well as backwards. Abraham and Isaac were a picture of Christ my friend. The whole OT points to Christ. I hope the Lord opens your eyes to that.

          1. Abraham and Isaac were Jews. Don’t take away from my religion’s history by calling them Christians.

            It’s too bad that you also don’t believe in Judaism, lol. I love it how many Conservative Christians feel the need to attack other people’s religious beliefs (such as Abraham and Isaac’s) and tell them that they are wrong (ie “I hope the Lord opens your eyes to that.”).



          1. Ha ha, you typed in all caps. Clearly I am not a Christian. Why would I believe in a false idol like Jesus? I would be cursed for that.


                1. and you are…don’t be so sure what GOD created…I meet a lot of bible toting bible quoting Christians..You are preaching exactly what you are acting..

            2. actually the Jews have been cursed through out history for breaking their covenant with GOD. Certainly you must know that by now..

    3. You should read Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver. Don’t worry, it’s not explicitly Christian or anything. Just a little book pointing out the fact that what people believe actually matters, so yes, if you think your beliefs are conducive to human flourishing you should be recommending them to others.

      It’s kind of sad to see people so unwilling to stand up for anything besides utter relativism. It’s not just illogical, it’s dangerous.

      1. Okay, I’ll read it.

        My ideal is religious liberty and freedom, First Amendment style, so yes, I do think we should spread that idea. That idea isn’t incompatible with saying that people should basically be allowed to believe whatever religion they want and not impose religions on others. In fact, it is in line with it. So that’s why I should continue to spread the idea that Duck Commander is wrong.

        1. God created us first to be free. Belief in a holy god is all you need. I don’t believe that Muslims are following a holy god but one that is lead by the devil. We all don’t have to be Christians (which I am) we just need to follow the beliefs of holy goodness.

        2. Just so we’re clear, Mr. Robertson isn’t advocating the imposition of his religion on others either. I’ve watched his speech/sermon/monologue/whatever twice now, and all he’s doing is commending his beliefs to others. That’s how cultural dialogue works outside of relativism, which most people instinctively recognize as incoherent.

    4. There is only ONE WAY brother and that is to accept Jesus Christ, (your Messiah, your Sacrfice, and your Redeemer) as your Saviour and King. There is no other way my friend. Jesus is the God of the Old Testament as well as of the New Testatment. It was Jesus Christ that parted the Red Sea, and it was Jesus that gave the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. It was Christ Jesus who guided the children of Israel through the desert for forty years, and every bloody sacrfice at the alter was pointing the coming Messiah who would lay down (sacrfice) His perfect life for YOU and ME, so that we would not have to die that eternal death handed out at the ‘Great White Throne Judgment’. But the greatest gift God ever gave man was choice, and you (and me) have to CHOOSE Christ… He won’t force Himself upon anyone!

      And God (Jesus) said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.'” (Exodus 3:14)

      Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

      God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, Seen by angels, preached among the Gentiles, believed on in the world, recieved up in glory. (1 Timothy 3:16)

      And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. (Luke 24:27) [all they had for Scripture is the Old Testatment]

      “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.” Blessed are those who do His comandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. (Revelation 22:12-14)

      1. The one where I said Divine Providence gave us the victory in the Fight for Independence,and with the assistance of that same Divine Providence today,we can once again prevail

  29. Duck Dynasty is a wonderful, funny, wholesome show.
    Phil Robertson is the leader of that family, and you see his strong influence on his sons, Jase and Willie, both talented and funny in their own right.
    Phil Robertson condenses the Word of God into pithy, often humorous messages that all people can relate to and learn from.
    Phil Robertson makes this world a better place. I like his preaching, he connects with people of all ages.
    God Bless Phil Robertson, an American original!

    1. Absolutely. They helped get the Boston Primer reprinted for the next generation.
      Our Founders thought education was important because they wanted everyone (especially our leaders) to be well read in the Bible.
      Christianity was taught in school. They took the common elements from each sect as to not exalt one sect of Christianity over another, but to teach the moral and loving teachings common to all.

      1. Exactly!They felt that there were five major principles that all the sects had in common,like morality and virtue that should be taught to all children.

              1. Did both in my school until about my sophomore year.That is when things began to change.(progressive infiltration)

                1. The biggie was when the kicked prayer out of schools in about 1962, when Madeline Murray O’hare used her son as a pawn to get prayer out of public school. That was a direct violation of the “separation of church and state” that Jefferson meant in his private letter to the Danbury Baptists.
                  O’hare’s son came to Christ and founded
                  He speaks out on the evils of islam too.

                2. He spoke at the “Preserving Freedom Conference” in Madison, TN a couple of years ago that was sponsored by The Sharia Awareness Action Network. He told the crowd that he had been in Iraq and met a Christian family who refused to bend to the demands of a muslim family that demanded they give up their 16 year old daughter to be married to their muslim son. They refused and muslims kidnapped their little boy. They returned him a day or two later. He had been cooked and had an apple in his mouth. The evil of islam knows no bounds.
                  I saw him again at Santorum’s press conference the night of the SC primary. When I told him I had recently been a victim of the litigaton jihad and had to spend a pretty penny filing a motion to quash, he handed me his card and said I should have contacted them first and not paid the money. Wished I’d known!

                3. I will definitely check out his site.You are right,the evils of Islam knows no bounds.Just today when I checked my FB page I saw a very graphic picture of a beheaded baby girl being held up by one of those savages.Her parents were Christian.Sorry to hear about what happened to you with the jihad.

  30. Its amazing how a guy can speak of what he truly believes in his heartso easily without a teleprompter. No need to be reminded of what to say if you speak the truth.

    1. No religion,just belief and traditional values.Religion has too many trappings.A personal relationship with your creator has nothing to do with religion.Plus,the only time you even hear about their belief is when they have their blessing for supper at the end of the show.

    2. @Lorriane – I have watched the show and it is definitely NOT for me. That being said, I would like to know how you can say the show has a religious agenda when, by admission, you have not watched the show.

    3. Well, I guess the same could be said of our Founders.
      John Jay, the original Chief Justice of the United States:
      “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers;and it is a DUTY – as well as the privilege and interest – of our Christian nation to SELECT AND PREFER CHRISTIANS FOR THEIR RULERS.”
      George Washington’s farewell address:
      “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, RELIGION AND MORALITY ARE INDISPENSABLE SUPPORTS. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars.”
      “The New England Primer” was first introduced in Boston in 1690, it was a schoolbook from which Americans learned to read until 1930. After introducing students to the alphabet, the Primer presented a special section to be memorized – A SECTION EACH LETTER OF THE ALPHABET WAS ACCOMPANIED BY A BIBLE VERSE!

      1. Then there is Noah Webster, often called “The Father of American Education”…EXPRESSED THE PURPOSE OF SCHOOLS WAS MEANT FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH…”In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed….NO TRUTH IS MORE EVIDENT TO MY MIND THAN THAT THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION MUST BE THE BASIS OF ANY GOVERNMENT INTENDED TO SECURE THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF A FREE PEOPLE.:

        1. Isn’t it “funny” how it’s ok to push homosexuality, immorality, drugs, violence, etc on tv, but mention Jesus…gasp…oh my…Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.” Oh my, the horror….treating others the way you would want to be treated!

            1. Keyes, thank you for the website! It’s a shame it’s not required reading for our public schools these days.

              1. It should be.
                We must fight to keep cursive writing in schools. As the wonderful David Barton has said, the only way we can read for ourselves what our Founders ACTUALLY wrote, is to know cursive writing. They wrote all our Founding documents in cursive…..hmmmmm…could that be why Common Core will not be teaching our kids cursive writing?

                1. My, girls and I are going book shopping tomorrow. You and Thunderbird have given me same great material! 🙂

                2. You won’t find his stuff in the bookstore. You have to go to his website. I tried finding the “Setting the Record Straight:…” in the bookstore, but they weren’t about to carry that one and spill the beans on what dems did to blacks after slavery.

                3. Tell everyone on your email list too. Be sure to check out the “Black history” section too. Blacks fought along side whites during the Revolutionary War.

              1. Yes it is. I first learned of it when I got the book, “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White”. What democrats did to blacks infuriates me.

                1. What is most infuriating is how these things have been erased from public school history books,and many people today blame the repubs and get away with it.

                2. I know….it is so infuriating.
                  I met a young black man who is a teacher and I gave him that book and told him to teach it to his classes. He was very eager to have the book. Hope he is teaching it.

                3. Yes, it would. I need to buy a few more and keep one or two with me at all times to give to anyone who I feel would read it.

                4. Indeed!
                  I will make a point to order a few this weekend.
                  I also got a young woman to get the book that I met at the gym. The next time I saw her she said she had received it and was going to read it. I told her to then give it to her liberal sister, but don’t tell her it shows how bad dems were to blacks. She said she would.

      2. And that is why Progressives so hate the Constituition with every fiber of their being.

        Excellent post, Keyes!!

        1. I recommend reading the 5000 Year Leap if you haven’t already done so.It explains all of what keyes just posted.I went to the book store to purchase it several years ago,and they had it in the religious book section.After picking up my copy,I quickly straightened out with the manager that it should be in the historic book section.I was firm but polite.

          1. I have read it, but need to re read it. I believe it was in that book that I learned that our Founders wanted to make the Isrealites coming to the Promised Land as part of our emblem, but decided it would be too intricate. Something like that.

              1. Yes it is. I want to re read it and also read Cicero and others mentioned in the book that it says our Founders read. Try to really understand what formed their great minds.

                1. Yes indeed.
                  I truly believe is was Divine Providence that brought all our Founders together at that time in history.

                2. Agreed.It was divine intervention that won the Fight for Independence.And with the assistance of that same divine intervention we can once again prevail.

    4. I thank you all for your input and yes, V103115, you are correct. I cannot comment on the show as I have never watched it. I was responding to what someone had posted: “And out of nowhere, comes this faith-driven family, and, like them, or not,{I do},they are starting a dialog. Their show has NO political overtones, no fighting, no double-speak. No sub-liminal messaging of any kind.”
      My only experience with the show has been fb posts or news items and every one that I’ve seen has centered around the “religious” aspects such as how they say the prayer at the end of every show and how much faith they have. So I was thinking that unlike what the quote above implies that the show is sending a message about “god/religion/Jesus” whatever you choose to label it. I am a non-believer and probably stand for everything that the posters on this page despise. However I have all the qualities that you would say are christian. I am honest, moral, trustworthy, law-abiding, I respected my parents always, I respect the rights and properties of others and I am ethical. I do not think that one has to be a believer to be a decent person. I do believe in the separation of church and state. I accept that you disagree with that but I am every much a citizen of these United States as all of you and I have the right to my beliefs just as you do yours. I believe in the phrase “live and let live”. We should respect one another’s differences.
      BTW, I have no problem with any tv show mentioning Jesus or saying prayers.

      1. You have a right to not believe. The problem with so many athiests is they are forcing their non belief on the rest of us.
        We were founded on Biblical principles and the freedom of religion. The freedom to pray and express our belief out in the open.
        There is no separation of church and state in the Constitution. All the First Amendment meant was Congress was not to establish an official sect of Christianity. States could though and many did.
        The wall of separation was a PRIVATE letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists and that wall was between the Federal gov’t and the states. He meant that the federal gov’t was not allowed to meddle in states’ religious affairs.
        The founder of the ACLU said his goal was Communism. That is why they have made up this bogus “separation of church and state”. Too many people today think that means we aren’t allowed to publically express our faith. That is the exact opposite of what our Founders intended.
        I would hope that you would want this nation to remain a Christian nation so we can remain a Constitutional Republic, because I can tell you that athiests don’t last long under the Shariah either.

        1. I know my history and my interpretation is different than yours. Jefferson said: “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.” Jefferson reflected his frequent speaking theme that the government is not to interfere with religion and vice versa.[

          The last line, “the government is not to interfere with religion and vice versa.” seems to spell it out pretty clearly to me. I don’t want “a lot more Jesus in this country”, or in our government or in our schools. I see people who push their religious ideals and beliefs on others to be the biggest problem. I want to see this country to be one that allows each of us our freedom of religion or non-religion and to accept the fact that one doesn’t have to be a christian to be an upstanding, patriotic citizen..

          1. No one said you had to be a Christian to be patriotic (well, Washington did), but as a nation as a whole it is imperative.
            You do know that Jefferson actually held and attended church services in the Capitol building?
            I don’t think Jefferson ever said the “vice versa” comment. Saying a prayer before Congress gets started is not religion interfering with gov’t. By the way, Jefferson did not write the First Amendment…he was in France. What matters is what it meant by the person(s) who wrote it.
            It was the signers of the Declaration of Independence who started the Sunday School movement as well as several Bible societies and mission societies.
            Virtually every one of the 55 Founding Fathers who framed the Constitution were members of orthodox Christian churches and they got down on their knees and prayed in Carpenter’s Hall.
            By the way, there are Christian symbols all over our gov’t buildings in DC.
            This is the problem I have with you athiests…you do not want to teach the truth regarding our Christian heritage. You are free to not believe, but you don’t have a right to rewrite our Christian heritage. It should be taught in our schools. It is our history.

          2. Then you’re pushing something too aren’t you? I’d rather push something constructive than something destructive.

            If the Government is supposed to be neutral to religion, why is it that they are so hostile to Christianity?

            The greatness of this country lies in it’s Christian moorings. The destruction of the same lies in atheisim. Where do you suppose that leads? Where would you hope it might lead?

  31. This family is really on to something, that this country has been missing for some time. it’s called Honesty. And I have a feeling that it just might catch on. All the BS “pontificating” by politicians, the media, Hell, even some religious “leaders”, have not helped. And out of nowhere, comes this faith-driven family, and, like them, or not,{I do},they are starting a dialog. Their show has NO political overtones, no fighting, no double-speak. No sub-liminal messaging of any kind. Sure it’s “silly” and predictable, but its funny, in a wholesome way. Something I have not seen on TV in a VERY long time. It’s refreshing.

  32. Like I said before. I never thought I’d live to see the day when the conservatives had the beards and bandanas and the libs were wearing suits. But then, I never thought I’d live to see the day when the libs were ‘the establishment’ either. 🙁

  33. “When you marry ’em when they’re 16, like I did, they’ll pick your ducks. If you wait until they’re 20, they’ll pick your pockets.”

    LOL! Line of the week right there.

  34. Hey, where’s Duckie. Tell her not to run to the sound of these guys calls. They shoot Duckies. Although, I love them anyway. Salt of the earth. And, did I mention, armed to the teeth?

        1. I have a lot of strange stuff on my computer but I have to go back to the Net and find it, to post it here because I don’t know how to post pictures or files directly from my computer to here?

  35. I love these clips you put up of Duck Dynasty guys preaching and being interviewed. How he dealt with the guy who was swearing on the phone is inspirational.

    1. Isn’t Ken Ham fanastic? Someday, I hope to visit the Creation Museum. He always pops up in my head when I see “millions of years” from “scientist”.

  36. Love this man, and what is even better my mom and dad do and they are not is to hoping they pick up what Phil is putting down!

  37. Wow! This man always leaves me speechless.

    Thank you, Scoop for keeping the light on during some of the darkest days of our nation.

  38. I may not yet have had a chance to watch Duck Dynasty, but I have listened to brother Robertson before and he is awesome. A living testimony and witness of Christ. Well done again. Thank you Scoop!

    1. I recommend it to you, Duckie. It is a good show, deals with everyday mundane issues, and lot’s of off-beat down home humor, and EVERY show ends with Phil invoking God’s Blessings as the family as a whole sits down to eat.
      Last nights episode dealt with sedation dentistry for two of the kids, and rotten meat! Hysterical! I laughed so hard that I think I loosened the surgical wire holding my rib cage together!

      1. I’ve had so many people wonder and tell duckie to watch Duck Dynasty, I’ve heard more jokes about my own duckie dynasty and would love to watch it, but I don’t have cable or satellite and don’t watch tv anyway. I may have to put some time aside one of these days and watch You tube clips or something just so I can say, yeah it’s a great show lol.

        1. Howdy Brother Mike! Me tooooooo!

          I just discovered that TRS went back to Disqus. For some reason, I was unable to sign on with livefyre after a couple of months, so while I would read here, I couldn’t comment.

          Come on you Devil Dog Marine, let’s you and I give the socialist left the beating it deserves!

          Just between you and me, our friends here, and of course the Constitutional Liberty and Freedom stealers at NSA who are bound to be reading this, if we can’t change Congress and government in 2014 and 2016, the Second Amendment solution is the only way left to us. No less a personage then Thomas Jefferson said so!

          1. HOORAH. On that note, I just added to my arsenal, brother. In the Corps we learned their are three steps to changing things. 1) using a soap box ( talk alot), 2) ballot box (election was rigged), and finally, my personal favorite, 3) ammo box (change it by force)
            I am ready bro

  39. Kind of leaves ya speechless, doesn’t he! What a great testimony he has and he delivers it with that off-beat sense of humor that is the hallmark of his clan.

    I still marvel that at this very hour, one year ago, that I was for all intents and purposes, dead. My heart did not beat, and had not beaten, for nearly 6 hours. I drew no air into my lungs. A machine did that for me.

    Now, one year later to the very day and hour, I am able to watch and listen to Phil give a most uplifting testimony for the Salvation of the Human Soul. That he took a few digs at ObamaCare as he did so was icing on the cake!

    Down home wisdom, delivered with down home humor, and in the Spirit of Christ, has a way of anchoring his message in your mind and soul!

    Thank YOU Scoop for sharing this with us!

    1. Congratulations Virginia gentleman on still inhabiting the blue planet. Sounds like a scary deal. God bless

  40. That’s how to preach right there. What a beautiful message that was. Nothing need be added or augmented. He exhibits perfectly placed confidence in his Savior. There is so much wisdom there.

    The Gospel is still the same, and it isn’t complicated. It’s still as modern today as it was when Saul became Paul, Constantine saw the sign in the sky, and every bit as fresh as it was was on that first Easter Morning.

    Thanks for that Scoop. Had to stop it several times due to customers ringing our phone line, but finally managed to catch every jot and tittle of it.

    Why, I feel like jumping in the river and being Baptized all over again 🙂

    1. So, what’s keepin’ ya? Go jump in the ‘Rivah’! ROFL!

      I know just what you mean my dear friend!

  41. He is a true hero. It was great to see Terry Bradshaw do the interview on FOX NFL Sunday. Bradshaw is an unashamed Christian as is our Dynasty hero.

  42. May God Bless this man and all who hears this message. I am humbled by the Power, simplicity and presence of the Holy Spirit.

  43. Apparently the family got off to a rocky start, but it was Miss Kay’s strong Christian faith that got her man on the right path. I watch the show as much for the pleasure of seeing the Robertsons hijack the reality show format as for the wit & wisdom of Uncle Si. Thanks for the post.

  44. The fact that Duck Dynasty is a mega success means there is still hope for our Country! I think what America needs is a wake up call, a spiritual wake up call! 😉

    1. Megyn Kelly is awesome. I could take a still frame of anyone and make them look like a jackass. She is far from smug in my opinion.

      1. She is an opinionated bleached blonde bimbo who does not have a conservative bone in her body – what is a there is a giant ego that will be stroked every night at 9pm after Bull O’Really.

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