WATCH: The Five EXPLODES when Jeanine Pirro goes to war with Juan Williams over impeachment

The Five got pretty hairy today when Jeanine Pirro and Juan Williams unleashed hell over impeachment.

“These people have said that he should come in and prove something, truth to power. They’re nuts, they’re bonkers. We ought to stop giving them press on this stuff, and you know what? We ought to stop giving them press on this stuff, because nobody cares anymore,” said Pirro about the Democrats and media. “It’s a bunch of hogwash. It’s a bunch of telephone. It’s a bunch of rumors, hearsay, get over it!”

Williams said telling people not to watch or pay attention is basically a scam, and that “a majority of the American people” say to impeach.

Pirro told Williams that the press are letting Dems get away with “doing something they don’t have to pay for, they don’t have to buy a political ad, they’re trashing the guy every day…”

Williams said “oh stop” and Pirro said “Don’t tell me to stop it, I’m a judge!”

“For a judge you should know better,” Juan shouted at her.

Pirro shouted back “Do not go there!” a few times.

The yelling match continued for a while, and it was amazing. The whole thing was up on YouTube fast, but here’s the important part.

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