WATCH: The IRS teaching potential new agents how to HANDCUFF small business owners for Biden.

What’s that they’re carrying there? Curious. The MSM is beside themselves with excited about thousands of new IRS agents out there harassing middle America, and keep doing stupid “fact checks” on complaints about it, like Reuters “fact checking” whether every single one of the 87,000 new agents will be armed.

The answer was not, not every SINGLE one, and so they call the whole idea of armed IRS agents “debunked” and make it sound like a bunch of accounting nerds shaking hands and going after billionaires.

NOPE. Take a look at this video of IRS recruitment, giving students a taste of the job and the training.

“Once you steal money from the government, you’re going down,” says one of the recruits in full clip at YouTube. That phrasing says a lot about what they are being told. That’s what they believe already. That it’s the government’s money. The philosophical difference between evading paying a thing owed and stealing something that belongs to someone else is a big deal. The idea that all money is the government’s is an even bigger deal.

But the 80 to 100,000 new agents they hire aren’t for harassing the middle class, they say. It’s not for squeezing small business, they say. It’s not for punitive audits of political opponents they say.

Yeah right.

We know what they are for, they know what they are for, and Reuters knows what they are for.

The MSM wants you harassed. That’s the point. It’s an army to go out and round up more conservatives for the Jan 6 defendant gulags.

The police state is coming. But they won’t be stopping BLM riots. They have only one target in mind: the other party.


Oh what were those little blue gun shaped things you ask? They were rubber guns. The real agents will have the real thing. That’s why it’s part of the training. Explain that, Reuters.


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