WATCH: The View goes OFF THE RAILS when Kimberly Klacik calls out Behar for wearing blackface

The View had Baltimore’s Kimberly Klacik on the show today but it went completely off the rails when she called out Joy Behar for wearing blackface.


Klacik was initially asked about Trump ‘downplaying’ the China virus and how it disproportionately affected black people, and if she believed Trump downplaying it cost lives. Klacik proceeded to answer the question, noting that we could have responded better to the pandemic if we’d had the medical equipment and biotech industry here in the states, which is why Trump is trying to bring it back. She also noted that she believed the pandemic would disproportionately affect black neighborhoods because of the poor living conditions and food deserts like they have in Baltimore.

That’s when Behar chimed in and told Klacik she needed to blame Trump instead of blaming “something extraneous”.

Klacik responded “Is this Joy, the same Joy who paraded around in blackface not too long ago? C’mon Joy, I don’t think you should be asking these questions.”

Behar first DENIED it and then said “Excuse me, the black community had my back! They know that was not blackface, that was an homage.” An homage? 😂😂😂

Klacik interrupted and said “the black community has my back…”

Behar yells “Oh please! Just answer the question!”

Then Sunny hostin chimes in “The black community has your back?!? The black community did not vote for you!”

Klacik tries to respond noting that she was in a special election and that it was during the pandemic when she could not talk to people, but Hostin keeps talking over her saying “What planet are you living on? Wow!!!!”

Behar finally just cut Klacik off and ended the interview. Klacik responded “That was very immature but thank you for having me.”

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