WATCH: The View hosts DEFEND Iran calling Trump “mentally retarded”; ALSO suggests the US might make homossexuality illegal like Iran

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are totally on board with Iran’s despicable leaders calling Trump “mentally retarded”.

When Sunny Hostin objected to Iran’s characterization of Trump, despite the fact that she doesn’t like Trump, both Goldberg and Behar jumped in saying “WHY? We say it, everybody says it…” (h/t: DC Examiner):

Sunny Hostin was the host and ‘practicing’ Catholic, if you recall, who earlier claimed that Jesus would go to a gay pride parade and have ‘pride’ about it. But in this case she’s falling on the right side of this argument, even getting Meghan McCain to agree with her.

As the short discussion progressed, both Behar and Goldberg made a loose comparison of the US to Iran in its treatment of gays.

McCain had made the point that Iran has no business judging what we do when they throw people off buildings for being gay and execute women for wearing tank tops.

But Whoopi responded saying “let us not forget what is happening to gay people in this country”, shortly thereafter suggesting that there’s talk of making homosexuality illegal in the US.

How absurd. And she doesn’t even bother to back up her claim. There is zero will on the right or the left to do anything of the sort, and Trump has never even suggested anything remotely close to making homosexuality illegal. In fact Trump said after he won the election that the law is settled on gay marriage and he’s just fine with that.

This is the problem with the left and their vitriol against Trump. They have this “sky is falling” mentality about everything when it’s just not true. Not even close.

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