Watch these #ClimateStrike fanatics try and FAIL to explain why they use fossil fuel products. Sad!

This is funny and sad. Or hilarious and tragic, maybe, would be better. The terrified denizens of the global outpouring of hysteria this week inaptly known as the “#ClimateStrike” were cornered on video by Daily Caller reporters over their use of products that are derived from or rely on petroleum and fossil fuels, and the results were amazing.

The reason I say it’s “inaptly named” the Climate Strike should be obvious. They took the day off from work all right, but usually when you’re on STRIKE you are refusing to participate in the thing you’re protesting against. But they aren’t protesting their low wage, no-future jobs. No, they’re “striking” against carbon and oil and methane.

So why didn’t they take the day off from their energy wasting products? Not to mention passing gas?

You know why. But this video of the greenies confessing their “climate sins” is just too funny to miss. Via the Daily Caller:

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25 thoughts on “Watch these #ClimateStrike fanatics try and FAIL to explain why they use fossil fuel products. Sad!

  1. Probably left a mess behind when they were done. Using your tax dollara, a government worker will clean up behind them (that’s how the left rectifies anything that results from their own irresponsibility).

    1. They were going to name a sewage treatment plant after W, (I think it was near San Franpoopsco, AAMOF.) until they realized the irony that we’re always cleaning up their $#!+.

  2. Back in the 1970s we were ” encouraged ” to set our thermostats at a certain temperature, we were told our hairspray was putting a hole in the ozone layer, and we had to take turns buying gas for our cars odd license plate buys on odd day even license plate on even day. Stinky hippy types with their love beads and flowers in their hair carried signs that said the world was ending. The one thing that I will never forget is someone took an overhead photo of Barbra Streisand’s mansion and the place was all lit up. Even since then everyone can kiss my NY Italian ass I’ll live the way I want to.

  3. These people hate everything that made their world. The things that has raised the standard of living for billions of people. No one in any other century has had it as good. They have no perspective. If they got everything they wanted they would be the first to cry about it.

  4. The worst of this whole thing was the hysterical teenagers screaming about if someone doesn’t DO SOMETHING that WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! And they were serious.

    This whole multi-city, multi-national protest thing was supposedly organized by a 16 year old girl who was asked to speak at the UN.

    A 16 year old.

    1. Just like how the anti-straw hysteria was kicked off by a grade school science report. The pig-tailed prophet (h/t kenoshamarge) has Aspergers. And yet she sailed across the Atlantic on a noisy boat in order to reduce her climate footprint. (I read that the noise could be a problem re Aspergers). All this is orchestrated by big players and big money driving the climate change agena and they are just using this girl as their latest tool. I would tell Greta that maybe she needs to be more concerned about the rapid islamization of her country. You won’t be able to go to any climate protests if you need a male escort to leave the house! But she has been brainwashed along with all these other screaming teenagers.

  5. Why are these freaks picking on poor old cows. Like cows are the only animals that fart…..NOT! What I find interesting is that environmentalists are always using the argument that tadpoles, owls and other creatures are going to go extinct if we build a pipeline or if we increase logging etc…and destroy their habitat but they have no problem with killing all cows for climate change.

    All of this is climate INSANITY is caused by pure leftist indoctrination by our public school systems. So this is where our taxes are going.

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