Watch these #ClimateStrike fanatics try and FAIL to explain why they use fossil fuel products. Sad!

This is funny and sad. Or hilarious and tragic, maybe, would be better. The terrified denizens of the global outpouring of hysteria this week inaptly known as the “#ClimateStrike” were cornered on video by Daily Caller reporters over their use of products that are derived from or rely on petroleum and fossil fuels, and the results were amazing.

The reason I say it’s “inaptly named” the Climate Strike should be obvious. They took the day off from work all right, but usually when you’re on STRIKE you are refusing to participate in the thing you’re protesting against. But they aren’t protesting their low wage, no-future jobs. No, they’re “striking” against carbon and oil and methane.

So why didn’t they take the day off from their energy wasting products? Not to mention passing gas?

You know why. But this video of the greenies confessing their “climate sins” is just too funny to miss. Via the Daily Caller:

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