WATCH: This AMAZING short video explains the liberal theory of human rights PERFECTLY!

This really clever and funny short video from a group called Choice-4-2 (for two, get it?) really gets down to the nitty gritty on the liberal theory of how fetuses become human beings and receive their human rights.

Remember how they mock us for saying we receive our human rights from God? Well THIS is a pretty accurate description of where THEY believe we get them from:

Love it.

This is the kind of clever satire that can actually persuade people. I understand that the gravity of the policy demands immediate action, but too many take that to mean that they need to be extreme by screaming at people not to have abortions. But we live in a deliberative Republic – we change policy by changing minds, not by yelling at them. In any case, I think this video is great. Please share it.

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