WATCH: This D-Day spot may be WORST thing Brian Williams EVER did and that’s REALLY saying something.

Today is June 6. That means it’s the anniversary of D-Day, one of the most consequential dates in world military history, in the most consequential and largest scale war ever known. Its remembrance should be above petty points scoring.

Of course, that is never the case, partisans use everything for political maneuvering and jockeying. But there should be at least SOME line that everyone can agree is too far. And that line should be the one that the Lincoln Project and MSNBC’s Brian Williams crossed this weekend.

I don’t know if I have the words to express to you my horror and disgust at seeing this clip. It is tantamount to blasphemous, a betrayal of true heroes, sullying and dirtying their memory for a quick adrenaline rush of snotty, nasty, smug needling. It uses the DEATHS of Allied forces fighting to save the world from a murderous, genocidal dictator waging a rampaging campaign of horror across the face of the earth as a PROP to try and “get MAGA’s goat” or needle Trump and Trump supporters.

Brian Williams licks it right off the Lincoln Project’s bloody boots like the mewling little overprivileged whelp he is. None of the people at Lincoln Project served their country. Brian Williams never fought in any war, though he’s probably told people he has.

And yet they go on air and smear the WARRIORS who fought one of the most incredible battles in human history as being the SAME THING as the snot-nosed punk kid black clad Starbucks vandalism hooligan domestic terror criminal enterprise that calls itself “Antifa.”

I don’t know if you can stomach this segment. I really don’t. I’m warning you, it is one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen.

I shouldn’t have to explain that just because you use the NAME “Antifa” doesn’t mean you ARE that. The people marching across American streets borrowing that word are PRO fascism. They despise liberty and capitalism and freedom and democracy. All the things the REAL anti-fascists fought to preserve. MEN and WOMEN who died for that.

The BRATS ruining Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis are out there causing destruction over causes they don’t understand because they like to do violent crimes and get away with it, and because they have been brainwashed by TV and video games and Lincoln Project ads to believe that simply not liking Trump serves as both a personality and a religious cause. They have no Holocaust to stop, no France to liberate. These goons pretending at revolution are “disaffected” youth, they are thought and speech police and social justice thugs. They are directionless, angry, unfulfilled malcontents with a liberal education who take to the streets over slogans like “eat the rich” and “F*** the police” not because they understand them but because they think it makes their skateboarding more authentic. They are all of those things, and they are cowards who terrorize from the comfort of the angry mob, from the anonymity of the riotous crowd and the black face covering.

They are not soldiers. They are not fighters. In war they would be collaborators, handing over France to the Nazis in exchange for being in with society’s biggest bullies. They may be “Antifa” but they are not Anti-Fascists. They are trash.

The Lincoln Project pedos are sick. Demented. THEY are trash. Brian Williams is trash. This is anti-American. It’s against the troops. It dishonors the Greatest Generation. Your grandparents and great grandparents. Mine too.

This aired on Friday. There are no consequences for it.

There should be.

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