WATCH: This discussion of CRT in K-12 education is the BEST, most SUCCINCT you’ll see.

The left’s game (And David French’s) is to try to pretend that CRT in primary education is about teaching the kids about a subject, such as that communism exists or slavery happened. The truth about CRT in primary education is that the schools are attempting to use it as a framework upon which to base all the other teaching that they do.

It’s not a difficult thing to understand the difference, but people alternately choose not to understand the difference or deliberately refuse to and then lie about it.

But truth is always aided by having those who speak it well and plainly get in front of people who need to understand it. Which is why people are sharing this video.

It’s such a scam the Democrats, media, and the left at large are trying to pull. Don’t let them get away with it.

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