WATCH: Tom Cotton DEFENDS Trump’s national emergency in great Senate speech!

Tom Cotton took to the floor of the Senate today to defend Trump’s national emergency declaration from the three phony arguments being leveled against it.

First, he presents the facts at the border demonstrating that there is absolutely a crisis that must be dealt with:

He also hammers the Democrats for calling Trump’s declaration an lawless act:

Here’s the full segment on that which is worth hearing, which stops at 7:15:

He doesn’t stop there.

He also responds, respectfully I might add, to the claims of his colleagues that Democrats will use the national emergency statute to push their own agenda. He admits that it isn’t hard to imagine such abuses, but says they would be exactly that, abuses, which is not what Trump is doing at all:

If you continue watching that video, Cotton also hammers Democrats who call this a ‘fake emergency’, explaining why it’s more of an emergency that other national emergencies they had no issue with.

All in all, it’s pretty clear that Cotton will be one of the many Republican Senators who support Trump’s declaration. Sadly, it likely won’t be enough to keep it off Trump’s desk. But it’s still good to hear such a strong defense of the declaration from Cotton.

As I was about to post this, he just tweeted the following:

Great point!

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58 thoughts on “WATCH: Tom Cotton DEFENDS Trump’s national emergency in great Senate speech!

  1. Cotton is an American hero. The betraying 12 will be remembered for taking down Trump if he loses. They had better start speaking libturd lingo.

  2. Cotton comes through again for conservatives, just like he did last December when he voted against the ‘Criminal Leniency Bill’…

  3. GOP Senators need to focus on the main thing. They are frequently distracted by secondary issues. This diminishes their strength. McConnell needs to get the administration’s vacancies filled. He needs to get the judiciary up to a full complement. The GOP Senate needs to work some overtime hours and weekends. Stop wasting time.

  4. If Trump had the name Obama and was a democrat…..his National Emergency would have passed with no controversy. Period.

  5. Using facts and common sense doesn’t hold water with Congressmen. More times than not they are driven by party power and self interest than they are by the interest of the American people.

      1. He said that he received so many calls from his constituents wanting him to support Trump, so he listened to them instead.

  6. Tom Cotton is always great & to the point. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: Now can he convince his fellow R’s!

      1. Yes he did, he voted against the resolution, and stood with Trump and the voters who want a wall.

        1. Sorry, Tracy, I’ve been out all day, I got confused. You are right. I only knew that Cruz and Sasse voted the “right” way with Trump. :facepalmg:

  7. Trump is totally right about the National Emergency at the border. It’s nice to see Cotton is on board with the issue, and sees things for what they are. Partisan Politics aside, I see Trump taking this act as the next step towards restoring our country to greatness. I would like to see policies in place to discourage illegals for invading here, and thereby increasing American Citizens’ prosperity.

  8. I was expecting Cruz and Lee to give this kind of speech defending US borders and using the National Emergency Statute to protect US sovereignty but the Koch brothers gave them a call…

    COTTON for POTUS 2024!

    1. Cotton is good on immigration. He introduced the RAISE Act with Senator Perdue back in 2017 that would have cut legal immigration in half. Unfortunately it went nowhere.

    2. Cruz is firmly opposed to illegal immigration and a solid Constitutionalist. His voting record isn’t perfect (at 82% conservative lately) but it’s better than Tom Cotton’s (74%). And no one can beat his steel sharp mind and incredible debating skills. Sticking with Cruz in 2024. You’ve been pissing on Cruz for years anyway.

      1. Well, where’s his speech defending the protection of US sovereignty and its borders? It took him veeeeeeeeeery long to come out and say something on this matter. Immigration is the issue we’re dealing with right now and Cotton, with his RAISE Act and speech, tells me he’s not afraid of the Koch Brothers.

  9. We have never secured the border for decades while talking a great deal about doing so. The reason is that it is not just the democrats who are for open borders but the chamber of commerce wing of the republican party who wants the cheap labor.

    1. Yep! money over security and that’s the cancer within the right that is destroying us from within.

  10. I truly believe that there would be a lot less room for debate or disagreement on this subject had Donald not gone down this road after his failure to win over Congress.

    That’s what taints it with the stink of impropriety. Not the action itself, but that it’s tied to his failures as a President.

    I don’t disagree with any of Cotton’s points. I personally feel, like many of you, that we’ve had an undeclared emergency at the border for a long time. But the fact that it was undeclared is the problem. And the fact that it was only declared in direct response to Trump negotiation failures is what makes it problematic.

    1. And if he didn’t wait and acted right away, a greater number will complain that he is bypassing Congress–the people’s representatives. There is no winning with Democrats/RINOs. He just needs to do what is legally right and ignore the static coming from the left (including right-left)

      1. Doesn’t that mean that there’s no winning with Americans? I mean, they’re the ones who voted Democrat/RINO. The American people said they want it. They said, “I want that person to represent me in Congress.” Congress saying, “We don’t want a wall,” is in fact Americans saying, “WE don’t want a wall.”

        That’s on us, Abe. That’s on our failure to vote for what we actually want, rather than vote against what we don’t want. It’s just like Obamacare. We (claimed to have) said no. Congress did it anyway. And then we rewarded them with re-election. What kind of message does that send?

        There’s no winning with Democrats/RINOs, but we keep electing them. Trump “ignoring the static” is in fact Trump ignoring the People. Maybe he’s going to do that because the People are too dumb/cowardly to do what’s best for themselves.

        But then that’s a leftist mentality, isn’t it.

    2. So the problem isnt the spiteful display of Dems, denying money for a wall even tho any reasonable person could see the border is a humanitarian crisis.

      Its Trump.

      1. That’s a problem.

        But Trump is a problem too.

        He had two years where the GOP controlled the entire Congress. The spiteful Dems were powerless to stop him, yet he did nothing. That’s his fault.

        He’s had three years of constant attacks from the Democrats to teach him that they can not be negotiated with. He should never have bothered and went straight for the National Emergency. He didn’t. That’s his fault.

        When he tried to play hard ball with the Dems over the shutdown, he claimed that he would “be proud” to shut down the government, and that it could go on for “months” or “years”. To his credit, he had one of the longest shutdowns in history. But he caved to the pressure, and signed a bill that not only gave him less money for the wall than was initially offered, but even had backdoor amnesty. That is his fault.

        Trump has a lot of forces going against him that past presidents haven’t had to deal with, I think most everyone acknowledges that.

        But you have to acknowledge one of the biggest problems he has is himself. He simply does not have what it takes.

        1. False. You needed 60 votes to get anything done on immigration. Btw, the checkered-pant Republicans don’t want to do anything about immigration because the Koch brothers say so…

        2. @Covfefe I agree Trump missed his chance. He surrounded himself with people who are not serious about our border and let Paul Ryan string him along for two years that the wall fight will be “next time”

          He sure was an idiot.

          But that doesnt change the fact that the border is a crisis. Even if Trump is the only person in DC that wants to fix it.

          And they call him a dictator and tyrant. Sheesh, he is stopped at every turn, and meanwhile the chaos continues at the border

        3. This is true. The biggest problem with this presidency is Trump is as slow as a snail in molasses. It took him 2 years to finally veto a spending bill that didn’t have border wall funding because he was afraid to stand up to the Republican Congress the previous two years. Even his national emergency is moving slowly. Instead of just building the wall a month ago using the military, he is waiting for the Senate to do something. And after the Senate is finished, is he going to wait another 6 months for the courts to weigh in?

      2. Congress is just representing the will of their Constituents who voted for them. The reason we divide the legislature into a House and Senate is so that individual communities/states can have more of a voice than the national one that determines the President.

        The President is the general interest. The Legislature is the more specific interests. Generally, we want border security. Specifically, we don’t want a wall.

        At least, that’s how Americans voted insofar as choosing their Representatives. Trump failed to convince Congress, and the People, to build a wall. Yea, that’s on him.

        Back to the drawing board, Donald. Come up with a new idea to pitch to Congress/the People.

    3. If this goes to court the fact that he didn’t feel the need to declare the emergency earlier, paired with the fact that he literally admitted he only did this to get around Congress, will not help him.

      1. Yes, I agree. I agree so much that I suspect it’ll be the basis for a holding against the emergency, which ultimately distinguishes it from all the other declared emergencies.

    4. I think the opposite.

      Trump gave congress a chance to deal with this problem and they refused. Sure, it was a failure on his part but they hate him like the plague. He exhausted the possibility that they would fund it, pretty well, and only then declared the national emergency.

      So I don’t think it stinks at all.

      1. If he exhausted the possibility that they would fund it, look – if I were a conservative President, that would tell me that I need to come up with something they WILL fund. That’s how this works. It’s not “I’m hellbent on getting my way no matter what or how I have to get it.” That’s the Obama method.

        Congress is the voice of the people, and 2018 telegraphed pretty clearly that the majority of voters in this country either want Democrats or squish-Republicans to be their voice to check the Executive. Congress checked the President. We could have voted in people who don’t hate him like the plague, but we didn’t. That’s on us. WE told Congress to refuse Donald his spending.

        And now Donald wants to do it anyway, using the emergency as his pretext? Respectfully disagree, Scoop. Stinks to high Heaven.

        1. It wasn’t about ‘his way’ or being ‘hellbent’. There’s a crisis at the border and he’s just trying to solve it. It’s not a pretext. It’s an actual crisis that we’ve heard from border officials over and over.

          1. It’s a pretext when he could have solved this crisis using these means long before, without ever even involving Congress. That he did, and that he only pulled this gun from his arsenal after Congress/The People said no is what makes it a pretext. The fact that it’s legal doesn’t make it any less so.

            This is, I suspect, the problem Lee has with this. It’s not a “Oh Congress is too slow to deal with this” emergency. It’s “Congress has specifically denied your request, Donald.”

            They said no, Scoop. To then reply, “Well I don’t care, I’ll just declare an emergency” – he’s within his legal right to do that, but it stinks. And Lee knows it.

    5. False. If you believe Schumer, Durbin and the RINOs could be “won over” on this immigration issue, you’re living in the Land of Oz. I’m glad Trump used the National Emergency statute to protect US sovereignty and its borders, as opposed to using it to protect Rwanda.

      1. Then maybe Donald needs to take his case to the people who voted for Schumer, Durbin, and the RINOs. Get them to make better choices at the poll.

        That’s the way it’s supposed to work, Cic. He’s not King of America. Neither was Barack. Much as they both seem to think otherwise.

        1. Yeah, he should go tell the people of Illinois and New York to vote for a conservative!!

          Maybe threatening to withhold Federal funds to those states may work? Who knows!?

          1. Flipping New York and Illinois would be pretty impressive. I’m told he’s a great negotiator.

            But he doesn’t necessarily have to do that. Simply convincing them that they’re too extreme in the face of the issues we’re dealing with, to pull back on the progressivism and push more for the classical liberalism, would work too.

            1. You would negotiate with folks like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashad Tlaib? LOL

              If the Left needs convincing about the issues at the border; human smuggling, drug trafficking, child prostitution rings, etc., you’re living once again in the Land of Oz. The Left cares more about future voters… it’s that simple to them.

              1. No no no, negotiate with their voters. Try to help their voters see why these folks are crazy people, and to turn to classical leftists over socialists.

                I saw a youtube video a while back of college students changing their mind on the GND once someone explained exactly what it was. If some guy with a microphone can do that, surely the President can make the effort too.

  11. I’m still wondering why some senators are voting with and some are voting against Trump’s solution. I realize there’s a LOT of misinformation floating around (I’ve been a victim to it myself)… but it should be CRYSTAL clear if what Trump wants to do is legal and constitutional or not. People who I have trusted before, claim it isn’t and some claim it is. And when some republicans vote with democrats, that’s almost always a very bad thing (red flag)! Why aren’t republicans united and in line with Trump is it’s all good? Other than they obviously want porous borders. This is crap that some support it and some don’t for their own perceived “right” reasons. There’s only one truth here and yet republicans are fragmented?

    For the record, I don’t consider Collins or Murkowski to be republicans.

    1. You need to follow the money. Who’s funding these guys? That will tell you why they suddenly vote contrary to their normal record.

  12. The crisis is that the Democrats would lose illegal votes so they can’t let it happen. They no longer care about blacks, Jews, or the union worker.
    Opportunistic filth all of them.

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