WATCH: Tom Cotton goes all in on path to citizenship immigration bill…

Tom Cotton was on Fox and Friend where he talks about the immigration bill that he and his Senate colleagues introduced yesterday. The bill is based on the Trump framework that, among other things, offers a path to citizenship for all DACA and DACA-eligible illegals.

Cotton says this is the best and final offer:

I really hate seeing solid conservatives like Tom Cotton pushing a path to citizenship, but I get that it’s not solely his fault. After all it was Trump who put this out there a few weeks ago in his own bill and unfortunately that’s become the standard now. As Levin said last night, Trump negotiated against himself when he did this.

But that said Cotton is still pushing a path to citizenship instead of fighting it. But again, conservatives in the Senate are surrounded by a plethora of squishy moderate Republicans (as we saw with Obamacare) who would likely have given up citizenship even without Trump.

So I get why Cotton is doing this even if I don’t like it. He knows something is going to get done with or without him so he wants to at least get something good out of it. As he said in the video, he knows granting citizenship to illegals will increase illegal immigration so therefore they must secure the border and end the other ‘immigration loopholes’.

The whole thing is really a big mess.

Watch the video for more…

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