WATCH: Tom Cotton SCHOOLS a very biased Margaret Brennan on what Biden is doing to Israel

Senator Tom Cotton was on CBS Face the Nation this morning with host Margaret Brennan and schooled her on what Biden is doing to Israel.

Brennan was absolutely carrying the water of the Biden administration and kept trying to refute Cotton’s argument that Biden is betraying Israel with a de facto arms embargo on Israel, evey trying to use Reagan to excuse what Biden is doing (which is the new talking point on the left).

But Cotton knocked that out of the park, pointing out that Israel knew Reagan had their backs and he also sank half of Iran’s navy. Biden on the other hand is giving Iran billions of dollars, funding Israel’s enemies.

It’s a good interview from Cotton’s perspective and it also demonstrates the heavy bias on Brennan’s part, which I think is worth seeing.

Watch below:

I’ll add to this comments by David Milstein who added to what Cotton said:

Coons is lying to “justify” Biden’s betrayal of Israel. @SenTomCotton highlighted the false comparison on @FaceTheNation this morning. The entire context of what happened in the 1980s with Reagan – one of America’s most pro-Israel presidents unlike Biden – is totally different than what Biden is doing right now.

Biden is holding up crucial military assistance Israel needs immediately in its current fight of survival to destroy Hamas – right after the Iran-backed terror group engaged in the most heinous and deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust. Congress also just passed over $14 billion in military assistance with overwhelming bipartisan majorities to ensure Israel has the offensive and defensive weapons Israel needs right now. In contrast, Reagan temporarily held up fighter jets that were delivered over time. Reagan also did not have a disastrous Middle East policy that gifted Iran over $100 billion in sanctions relief as Biden has done, that has empowered Hamas, Hezbollah and other Iran’ backed terrorists to escalate their attacks on Israel culminating in Israel’s current 7-front war. The only arms embargo the Biden Admin has lifted in the Middle East has been for Iran (!), while Biden is imposing one on Israel and has fully embraced / is advocating for Hamas’ negotiation position – a ceasefire – that keeps Hamas in existence / power to attack Israel again and again as Hamas has promised.

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