WATCH: Trump BERATES Jim Acosta at presser after emergency declaration

El Presidente Trumpo berated Jim Acosta and CNN at the presser after the emergency declaration.

Watch below:

I don’t think Trump takes the best argument here about whether or not illegal aliens commit less crimes than citizens – the much stronger argument is to say that all of those crimes can be prevented if we simply deport illegals. The rate of criminality doesn’t matter when they simply don’t belong in the U.S.

But Acosta has already shown himself to be an activist for the left, and not really a journalist with fair questions.

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11 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump BERATES Jim Acosta at presser after emergency declaration

  1. Trump answered this question by signing the “border bill.” That is how serious of an “emergency” this is.

  2. He could take a tour of the border, visit the prisons and talk to those who were victims. If the truth doesn’t match to what he wants to believe, he will still deny all of it and insist it is all a figment of Trump’s imagination.

  3. Ben Shapiro had a good take on the emergency nature of the border: If it was an emergency when kids died in ICE custody, the direct cause is the border situation. The border IS the primary cause of the emergencies that both the left and right have. So whether you think the emergency is the violation of our sovereignty or you think that it’s the humanitarian crisis of immigrants putting themselves in danger – there’s plenty of emergency to go around.

  4. Eventually;
    All the imported muzzlums from every African country, are going to have their criminal organization killing each other in one place, every mexican drug dealer killing people in another place, human traffickers selling little boys and girls in another until crime is rampant in every city in every state while the borders are open and the money flows south. A totally uncontrollable free for all in sanctuary cities and paid for judges letting them off the hook. Those who are not involved will live or die according to the resources they personally have.

    The USA will be powerless, the dollar useless and the communists will own the USA as well as Canada and Mexico, all the way down to Panama, and a much shorter wall will go up to keep us IN.

    There will be no police to help you, you will not have an income, the constitution will be gone, the government will be comprised of dictators and military assassins, run by communist rule. The snowflake generation will be ded, the old will be thrown into the ovens and any resistance will powerless. It will all be gone and the people who came here from around the world will have made america the same kind of shiithole as where they came.

    Organize now. Take a stand and be prepared to survive or die.

  5. Anyone notice Jim had two microphones in the clip – did he bring his own in case they take his microphone away again?

  6. Jim Accosting believes in the Pee New Deal and so he decided to pee in the Rose Garden though his own mouth.
    He pees on dead Americans, he pees on dead children, he pees on raped women and he will do so whenever he gets enough money to do that.

  7. It’s quite simple mr acosta…instead of asking agenda driven questions, do what a real reporter does…go to the border and report on what’s actually happening and then report on how that is the opposite of what CNN portrays as news…

  8. It’s a Q&A session. Not a political debate. Ask a question, then sit down and shut up. I can’t believe he called on him to get accosted again.

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