WATCH: Trump blasts MSNBC as ‘disgusting’, says ‘WE’ (meaning Fox News) are blowing them away

Trump is always letting cats out of bags, but tonight he let the fox out as he referred to the network and its hosts as “we”, including them as part of his team.

State news? Hard to hear it any other. Listen for yourself.

It’s often times I’m getting ready to do my, you know, the fake news with CNN and MSNBC. MSNBC is so corrupt. It’s so disgusting. So disgusting. I would say almost they’re worse, they’re almost worse, they’re really a fake news group of people.

And here’s the good news. The guys that we love, they are blowing them away in the ratings. Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Steve Doocy, Ainsley, Brian. So many others. They’re blowing them away in the ratings. Oh, excuse me, I almost forgot I would’ve been in big trouble. The great Lou Dobbs.

Oh, Maria Baritoromo. I’m in trouble. Because I know I left out probably ten. But I didn’t know, I didn’t really think I’d be doing this. But they’re blowing them away. CNN is down at the bottom of the totem pole. MSNBC isn’t even close to being next to these shows.

That’s already plenty, but he wasn’t finished by a long shot, because he’s Trump.

“So we’re blowing them away,” he said. WE. “And that’s good because those are the people that love us.”

Alright, now fanatics, please bellyache about how we all know what he “means” and how he say “they” before he said “we” and pretend you don’t really get what’s what here. It’s fine, we’re used to it.

The cure for Fake News, if you’ve got any independent thought or intellectual curiosity left in you folks, is NOT creating the American Pravda. Trump is ordering his followers to go watch his network, and you’re going to go do it. That’s a problem you guys. It’s enough of a problem that it makes your (but not MY) complaining about Fake News pretty hollow.

MSNBC does stink like a dead armadillo, though. As usual, he’s partly right.

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