WATCH: Trump is the one committing DIRTY TRICKS in Nevada tonight

For all of Trump’s outrage over Cruz committing ‘dirty tricks’, he’s now committing dirty tricks of his own, telling voters in Nevada that all the other Republicans, including Cruz, have left the state, abandoned the state even, and that Nevadans shouldn’t vote for any of them because of this:

But Cruz hadn’t left the state and was actually speaking at caucuses tonight:

CR – It is true that Marco Rubio and John Kasich are not in Nevada for the running of the caucuses. Rubio is in Michigan, and Kasich was in Georgia. But there’s a problem for Trump. Trump strongly reacted to the Cruz campaign using a media report in the Iowa Caucuses against Ben Carson, calling Cruz’s victory a fraud.

This time it was Trump himself saying that Cruz had left the state and was not worthy of voters votes for doing so. Multiple tweets from reporters show Cruz in Nevada, speaking at caucuses.

But that’s not all. Trump also tweeted this out tonight before the caucuses telling voters that the Cruz people might mislead them because they are bad:

The Cruz campaign quickly responded to this:

WASHINGTON EXAMINER – Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign fired back at Donald Trump’s claims that the senator’s team wanted to “mislead” voters as Nevadans continued to caucus Tuesday night.

In a letter to the Nevada GOP, Cruz’s team responded to a tweet from the real estate mogul, dismissing his warning to “BE CAREFUL” with Cruz backers at caucus sites as one written by “leftist lawyers” to conjure up “baseless accusations” against his campaign.

“As to the misleading allegations leveled by Mr. Trump’s counsel, the Cruz campaign was simply urging its supporters to do nothing more than observe, report, and document, if possible, questionable behavior at caucus sites,” Gober continued. “Rather than welcoming such vigilance, especially in light of the history of the Nevada caucuses, Mr. Trump has instead chosen to tout an Obama Administration dictate issued on the eve of the 2012 election.”

“No doubt, the authors of this order are the same group of leftist lawyers in Obama’s Justice Department who dismissed intimidation charges against the pro Obama New Black Panther Party members accused of threatening voters and the same lawyers who have been fighting common sense voter identification rules,” Gober wrote. “Counsel’s reliance on the Obama Administration’s so called voter protection mandates to level an underhanded political attack is a telling indication of how low Mr. Trump is willing to sink to make baseless allegations in exchange for headlines.”

Trump would have voters believe that he is above all of the ‘dishonesty’ of the other campaigns when in reality he’s no better, if not worse than they are.

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