WATCH: Trump nominee tells Senate committee a beautiful story about how his Korean father really understood the American dream

9th Circuit judicial nominee Kenneth Lee, a Korean immigrant, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning and told a wonderful story of how his father understood the American dream,

When Lee was a young boy, some other kids started making fun of him for eating Korean food at Disneyland, and after that he said he blamed his father and to him he wanted to go back to Korea.

But his father told him something that he remembers to this day about the American dream.


By itself that is an amazing story of how his father knew in his gut that America was a land where anyone could live the American dream, no matter who you are or the color of your skin.

But what’s more amazing about the story is that Lee now embodies that lesson from his father as he sits before the Senate Judiciary Committee as a nominee for the 9th Circuit.

It’s no wonder he remembers that story so fondly, because if he had his way as a child, his life would have been dramatically different back in South Korea.

This is why so many of us love America and why we want to protect the vision of the founders that we see in our Constitution. There’s nothing like true liberty and freedom, especially to those who’ve experience the opposite.

Just based on this one video, it sounds like Lee will make one heck of a justice on the 9th Circuit.

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37 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump nominee tells Senate committee a beautiful story about how his Korean father really understood the American dream

  1. Wow, I’d like to cloan that young man until the 9th “Circus” Court has flipped–and then some.

  2. I used to work with some Vietnamese and Korean people. We had a huge lunch room but at lunch they were the only ones in it. You had to pass through the lunch room to get out of the building and we couldn’t pass through fast enough. Their food smelled so bad it almost made you vomit.

        1. Garlic. Ain’t only Italians who are fond of that condiment. In the summer time you cannot escape the aroma.

          1. I googled it a few minutes ago and fish sauce was mentioned. It also said something about fermented food or something. I would never give it a chance to find out how it tastes when it smells that bad.

            1. Traditionally, Kimchi is (napa) cabbage , mixed with red peppers, salt, shrimp, ginger & buried underground to ferment. Unpleasant aroma, to be sure, but awfully tasty.

                1. OMG You don’t like cabbage? Why in heaven’s sake did I buy the corned beef brisket and head of cabbage for this coming Sunday?

                  Erin Go Braugh!

    1. I guess since I adopted a Korean baby girl 32 years ago, I became more open to different foods. Vietnamese is so groans delicious. Try the pho sometime. It is a wonderful, tasty broth with meat and vegetables and noodles. Especially good on a cold day or when you have a cold.
      Korean barbecue is some of the best.

      1. Yeah, I’m not so open to explore a bunch of foods I’m not familiar with. I do like Chinese sweet and sour pork, but soy sauce tastes awful. I don’t if Chinese food is similar to Korean food.

  3. Remember the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons? Wah wah wah…..

    That’s what liberals heard him say. People like him don’t pad the Democrat vote.

  4. Having spent almost 38 years in Korea, I can attest to the character of (most) Korean immigrants to the USA. They are extremely highly-motivated, disciplined by their parents, hard-working by nature & nurture, and a most positive addition to the American family. Too bad those attributes are not found in the recent waves of the caravans who simply want better economic outcomes.

  5. Leftists get no farther than the first part of the story. To them, America is an evil place because a couple of kids teased someone who was an immigrant.

    Great story showing that he has the basic appreciation of our system that Conservatives want to preserve and strengthen.

  6. Wow! A true blue flag waving American on the 9th circuit? Will wonders ever cease? Good Trump!

  7. And yet, in DC both sides of the aisle clamor to grab more power so that they can control everyone in the name of safety and welfare (and enrich themselves in the process). One side would complain that he wasn’t assimilating enough so we need walls to keep him out, the other would claim he’s a victim of those horrible racist bullies who are kinpaphobic and then enjoy some kinpa themselves while whining about cultural appropriation.

    Which is why protection of the Founders vision will not happen in Washington DC. Not under the binary system that produces the above. Not until We The People start protecting the Founding principles as a more informed, principled electorate.

  8. I bet his father is very proud of his son. As he should be. But the father built the foundation. Bless them both.

    1. @kenoshamarge

      Yepper yep! Dad musta read:
      Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

  9. It’s also telling how childlike the Left is by being reactionaries to the not always perfect USA (but the BEST this world has to offer). They do not think things through with facts, information, common sense and logic, but rather with emotional reactions

  10. @therightscoop . Thanks for sharing, that was such a sweet story. His father had a vision that sadly is being eroded by liberals and haters . I wish him the best and hope he’s confirmed.

  11. A truly amazing story. Now, watch for the Democrats to accuse him of sexual assault or liking beer.

  12. What a beautiful story he shared about his father. It’s a shame so many on the Left are trying to tear down his father’s vision of America. Hope he gets confirmed.

  13. What an inspiring story! We could use more immigrants like this family!

    If liberals had the mental capacity, they would understand the difference between anti-immigration and anti ILLEGAL immigration.

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