WATCH – Trump REBUKES GA Rally crowd over Ilhan Omar: ‘No, please don’t tell her to leave’

At his rally tonight in Georgia, President Trump said he’s going to win in Minnesota because of Rep. Ilhan Omar, who he said “hates our country.”

Trump was talking about AOC and “the squad”, who said are “not great academics,” when he turned specifically to the topic of Omar. As soon as he said her name the crowd booed loudly. So did I here at home.

“She hates our country, I mean you see the way she talks, she hates our country,” said the President.

The crowd was making lots of noise and President Trump heard something from the crowd and responded.

“No, please don’t tell her to leave,” he said.

“No please don’t tell her to leave. That happened once before I got in a lot of trouble,” said Trump. “They start screaming ‘she should leave’ and they got me in trouble. They said ‘why didn’t he protest’.”

Alright you got me, it wasn’t exactly in defense of Omar. But he was right.

“But she doesn’t like our country, you see what she says,” he said.

That is undeniably true. Omar’s entire political message is that America is bad and evil, and she preaches it any chance she gets. She, like most Democrats, is against America we know. They want to create it new and different according to their own foreign, un-American ideas. That was as true for Carter and Clinton as it is for Obama and Omar.

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