WATCH: Trump Recount official claims they’ve seized Dominion servers in Germany and evidence will “shake the globalists to their very core”

This morning Lin Wood linked to a video in a tweet where he announced that a judge has scheduled an emergency hearing to hear his case on stopping the certification in Georgia.

In the video Brian Trascher, who is part of the Trump Recount Committee, told Newsmax that they’ve seized Dominion servers in Germany that were used to count US votes and that the evidence they are finding will “shake the globalists to their core”:

Here’s what Trascher told Newsmax starting at 2:40:

Now that we have seized the servers for Dominion that were over in Germany, we’re starting to get some raw data off of that. …I want everybody to listen to me. The things that are going to come out are going to shake the globalists to their very core.

When asked “what things are going to come out”, Trascher responded:

Well like I said, the servers that were seized in Germany… First of all, why are American election ballots being counted overseas? That’s a question I’ve yet to get to the bottom of. But some of the raw data coming off of this is showing clear examples of how votes were actually switched by an algorithm in the software. It was distributed for every single vote that goes one way for one candidate, they automatically add votes in the other. That’s why you saw in the New York Times own data tracker on election night, within 68 seconds President Trump went from being ahead by tens of thousands of votes – I think it was within Wisconsin – to all of a sudden being behind ten thousand votes. In 68 seconds. That’s a statistical anomaly.

Trascher goes on to point out that Team Trump is finally getting their chance to argue in the federal courts and that it will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

You can watch the video for more…

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