WATCH: Trump takes Putin’s side, throws American Intelligence UNDER THE BUS on 2016 elections!

In a disgraceful moment, Trump just threw the American intelligence community under the bus in his press conference with Putin.

In the presser, a reporter from the AP pointed out that Putin just denied Russian interference in the 2016 elections. He then told Trump that every American intelligence agency had said otherwise and asked Trump who he believed.

Here’s Trump’s response and make sure you watch the entire video:

He doesn’t see any reason it would be? Unbelievable.

He’s already said in the past that he believed the intelligence community, but one statement from Putin denying it and he’s back in Putin’s corner?

Trump is doing with Putin what he did with Kim Jong Un in trying to butter these world leaders up and is disgraceful. But I think it’s worse this time because now he’s essentially taking Putin’s word over that of his own intelligence agencies.

Earlier this morning Trump blamed past US administrations for our bad relationship with Russia instead of blaming Russia:

And guess what? The Russians agreed!

Of course they agreed!

But it was just too much for one Fox News host who called it ridiculous:

Look I get that Trump wants better relationships with these countries, but it sounds like he’s completely selling out in order butter these authoritarians up!


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