WATCH: Trump tells Ilhan Omar’s misdeeds at campaign rally, crowd REACTS!

At his North Carolina campaign rally tonight, Trump ripped into Ilhan Omar over all the anti-American stuff she said and the crowd reacted with “Send her back!” chants:

That was quite the litany of stuff Omar has said.

The crowd chanting “send her back” has gotten a lot of attention on social media and will probably be the big headlines tonight and tomorrow:

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142 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump tells Ilhan Omar’s misdeeds at campaign rally, crowd REACTS!

  1. A stranger in the street told me to go back to my country. It was a kick in the gut. I am proud to be an American, the only reason for that stranger to say that was because of my skin color. The attack was unprovoked. I do not believe Trump is a racist, I understand what he is saying. But I think that chant is hurtful to many innocent people in this country and should not be normalized.

    1. Can you elaborate what led to you being told that? Telling people to love our country or leave is not a new or racist thing. Were you complaining about our country?

      Also, you may want to do a search on what the jihad janes are saying about our ICE agents. They are leading the way for more violence against those agents. Try and keep things in perspective. The left doesn’t get to spew their hate without response back.

      1. It was unprovoked. I never complain about America. She came out of nowhere, cut in front of us in the parking lot. As she got out of her car she was looking at us and lashing out. I was not sure if she was actually talking to us until we reached the door do the building and she told me to go back to my country. I was taken a back and it hurt because you immediately think about your children and if these things happen to them and how unfair it is to them.

        I know all about the squad . I understand why people say they should leave but we can deal with them without adopting language and attitudes that hurt and drive away people who would otherwise agree with us. Like many legal brown and black immigrants.

  2. Those white knighting for the four shehags want to take on their wanting to abolish ICE? Do you even understand the danger these skanks have put our agents in? Do you even know just in the last few days a crazed leftist tried to shoot up and blow up a dentention center? I don’t hear one peep from you calling the shehags out. No, it’s Trump’s words and Trump’s twweeeeetttttssss that trigger you. The actions of crazed leftists because of the vile hate from the shehags goes right over your heads.

  3. This morning I was listening to talk radio, and the fill in host brought up about the crowd at Trump’s rally last night chanting “send her back.” He thought that was pretty bad and awful, and silly and dumb on the part of those chanting. He went on and on about it through many segments of the show. He had a few who called to agree with him, but man the pushback in some cases was fierce. I’ve listened to this guy all week and was not impressed. I had the impression that he was of the old school Republicans who ran and hid under their desks in fear of the media saying something bad about Republicans. His reasoning for his disagreement with the crowd was because they just gave the Dems. talking points to talk about for the next few days. How GWB/Rove of him. So I went and watched the entire Trump speech from beginning to end. The chant came up early on in the speech and moved along past that quickly, and there was so much more to the speech that was very funny (Ang a la ya gotta pay your bills Ang a la) it made you proud once again to be an American, unlike during the America isn’t all that great Obama days. The enthusiasm was very high with Trump and the crowd, and that enthusiasm carried right through to those watching it on their screens. I thought it was a great speech, and anyone who gets hung up on the chant from the crowd must have loved Hillary’s deplorables comment.

    The old school Republicans that are still scared to death of what the leftist media might say about Republicans need to crawl back into their bunkers.

  4. If she lied about a material fact in order to get US citizenship she could have it yanked.

  5. Omar definitely doesn’t act American and she is on the side of our enemies. If anyone deserves to be deported it is her…after she’s kicked out of Congress. She is the enemy within.

  6. Rick Wilson, another failure, is jealous because he didn’t come up with that chant… anyways…
    Omar is the reason why we need a merit-based immigration system AND refugees need to be vetted completely. It seems that she slipped under the radar!!

    1. Slipped under the radar or deliberately sponsored by Democrats who share her hatred of the country?

      1. We have not allowed that, the voters in Talib’s and Omar’s districts have allowed that. I understand that Omar’s district is heavily populated by her fellow Somali’s. Ever wonder why or how all of one kind have conglomerated in particular district? and who made that happen?

          1. Yes exactly Marge. Thank you. Obama also purposefully dropped off bus and plane loads of illegals in certain communities to insure they became or stayed in Dem. control. Didn’t he also drop a number of Somalis in some area in Texas?

            1. I’m not sure where they were all “dropped” because the media was strangely silent about it. Imagine that. If there were any investigative journalists around we might know more about what happened.

              I think the upper mid-west was targeted to cause exactly what happened. Get a large enough population of refugees to turn elections. It sure worked with this Ilhan POS.

    1. No, it’s not a “muslim thing,” it’s a “Here’s how to skirt our immigration laws” thing.

      She became a US Citizen, then Hubby can come to America too.

      She then divorces Hubby and goes back to man she was with BEFORE becoming a US Citizen.

    1. I definitely believe in due process, but I totally think we should “lock her up”. He says that like it’s a bad thing.

  7. I agree she hates this country,I’ll pitch in for a one way ticket back to that paradise she loves.

  8. Won’t be surprised if she wears a suicide bomb jacket and blow her self up. A Somali cop on Minneapolis shot dead a white Australian woman just cos she sled 911 and asked for help they all want fastest way to allah . First by hate America speeches and then suicide killings

    1. Smart ones like her get their indoctrinated sheeple to wear the suicide vests, they never do it themselves.

  9. I’d think your average Democrat is probably getting weary of the Squad and my guess is they don’t like these women any better than we do. Maybe they’ll be so disgusted they will stay home next Nov? 🙂

    1. If they’re tired of anything, it’s that the Tide Pod Squad says out loud what they’re thinking. As Levin said a few years ago, the mask and gloves are coming off.

    2. They like what they say I think. It’s just too much too soon…All of them have a different “style”. The end is the same..

      1. I wouldn’t go that far. Think of what Reagan would have accomplished in the first two years if the Republicans had controlled both houses.

          1. Me, too. I’ll recognize when Tromp does well, but saying that he’s as good as, or better than, Reagan is patently ridiculous.

        1. Even Reagan got burned by the democrats with illegals. He learned from that and I wish those that call themselves republicans or say they are on the right would remember how the democrats lied back then.

  10. She apparently is getting ready to file a motion in support of the Boycott Israel thing. I remember how many refused to go to Bibis speech to Congress a few years ago…

    1. Thankfully, that anti-Israel, pro-BDS movement isn’t going anywhere politically, but it still doesn’t excuse the crowd from their chant, or the President for not stopping it and reminding his audience that she IS an American citizen.

      1. And just what do you think of these screeching harpies screeching to abolish ICE. They are putting our agents in danger. Just the other day, one of your ilk tried to shoot up and blow up a detention center. Crickets from you on this, but Trrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuummmmmmppppp

      2. Trump first made the go back comment and then realized they except for one was born here. I have no problem with if you hate it so much, then leave which is what he should have said in the first place. I gave up on trying to correct his words. In the end I know what he means. So the crowd was just repeating what he said initially. It wasn’t racist and if it is, I myself is guilty cause I can’t count the number of times I have said, “If you do t like it, you are free to leave” I have also made a point of telling illegals to go home and spend as much time and effort as they do trying to take down the country, spending it in their own and trying to fix that!

  11. Stonewall Jackson
    Thousands of people chanting “Send them back” at Trump rally. . . See? Trump speaks just like us. If you don’t like the country, then you are free to get the f*ck out.

      1. USA Today???? Hey pal, you better take a look at the front page of The Right Scoop and read the lead!!!! LOL.

        1. If you don’t like the opinion a majority your fellow American citizens hold, then to quote the tweet above “you are free to get the f*ck out.” 😉

          1. LOL, Yes, get the f out of our country if you hate it.

            There is no majority, you hack. Break down the poll, who was polled? What are their affiliations? What party are they of?

    1. If we cant send them back then let’s stop letting the anti semite terrorist lovers in at least.

    2. Stonewall Jackson
      As a matter of fact, didn’t some of you a**holes say you were leaving?

  12. Now we will see every GOP have to answer for this – while no Democrat is forced to answer for leftist terrorism on an ICE facility.

  13. Send her back!!! I say that not because of race, but for her anti-American comments. Get a life, losers. Your TDS is flaring up.

    1. I say send her back to Minnisota for being unfit to serve in the Congress of the United States fo America.

      I say send her back to the refugee camp she came from, after fleeing Somalia, because of her fraud in marrying her brother in order to get here.

  14. What did he say that was not true? Omar said those things and the propaganda ministers will be going ape *hit over it. Everything that Trump said is on tape for all to hear themselves.

  15. So we’re just gonna go with the idea of telling black person to go back to Africa is a winning message?

    1. You sound like a Left wing crank with that Leftist language. Ignorant as hell. They aren’t saying that because she’s black, they’re saying it because she’s anti-American. So what’s her race got to do with it? Nothing, you should know better. I suspect that you do know better but “Orange man bad” takes over the senses.

      1. Well where’s the call from the President for Bernie Sanders to go back where he came from? He’s the OG commie in the Democratic Party after all.

    2. Most thinking people realize that it has nothing to do with her race, but rather her actions, so yes, in this case the message is totally appropriate.

      1. Oh, please! You don’t seem to understand that the cry to “send her back” is a statement that people are fed up with this race-baiting anti-American, vile, disgusting excuse for a human being whose qualifications for serving in Congress are getting more questionable by the day.

  16. Embarrassing.

    Send her back? So, they are now advocating for REMOVING American citizens because they don’t agree with them? As we all say, this is Trump’s Party now.

    More embarrassing was Trump let them go. He should have reminded the idiots in the crowd that Ilhan Omar is a US CITIZEN and we DON’T send citizens back in America, but could have said “Hey, but you can send her back home to Minnesota come 2020.” He had a GREAT opportunity to look Presidential and push back on the narrative from the National Media that he’s a racist / bigot.

    Alas, he didn’t, because he enjoyed hearing it, which doesn’t help convincing me he doesn’t have a pinch of bigotry within him.

    1. Weird, I haven’t heard you mention one thing about all the anti-American things Omar said. You’re telling me that you’re more offended over what those people said than what Omar said? Might want to think on that one for a minute.

      1. You know better than.

        Heck, just a quick click on my Disqus account will show how I feel about the detestable “gang of 4.”


        As I said above, it’s sad but not surprising that the slightest critique of Trump gets you slapped with a label like ‘snowflake,’ ‘democrat’ or both.

        If you ever looked at Ilhan’s tweets you MIGHT find someone calling her out for her lies and defending Trump, even posting a picture of the text of an interview that vindicates Trump from the narrative that he defended the neo-nazis and kkk after Charlottesville.

        1. It isn’t because you critiqued Trump. I’m not a Trump fan boy. Never have been, never will be. But, if the critiques seem unfair, illogical or emotionsl, I address them.

          If you’ve called Omar’s anti-Americanism, then I apologize. You should’ve mentioned her disgusting words in your comment for context.

    2. Meh. Not a fan of the chant, but its harmless. These rallies are just a bit of fun for the participants and Trump. It’s a performance.

      No one actually believes are are going to deport Omar.

      1. I’d like to believe you’re right, but it’s fodder for the National Media to continue their narrative that Trump is a bigot and so are his supporters. Made me sick to hear it.

        Lock Her Up seemed the more appropriate chant. 🙁

        1. The national media called me a racist for voting for Reagan, Bush, Romney. They cheapened the word by using it for any normal Republican.

      2. But that wouldn’t work for the outraged and offended crowd. They can pretend, or suggest that Trump and the crowd meant it.

        People have been saying “go back where you came from” for as long as the country has been around. Probably started with a Abenaki or Paugussett Indian Tribe.

        I know my paternal grandfather was told it more than once. But that was back when the Irish were the focus of a lot of hate.

        To simply accept that bigotry is only when it’s again brown of dark skinned people is nonsense and any person with an IQ higher than their body temperature knows it.

        1. Well it’s a bit of elitism too, these are just normal Americans chanting this. It offends them to hear such expression. The elite Republicans will come out against them because its embarrassing.

          1. Oh yeah, they like to pretend that the Trump crowds are all just knuckle dragging bigots, misogynists and mostly trailer trash.

            One thing I’ve noticed is that Trump rallies during the week are held at night. Maybe because his fans don’t live off the government and have to work for a living.

            And AOC, and the rest of her disgusting “Squawk Squad” are being paid $480,00 per day by the taxpayers to spout anti-American drivel.

    3. Didn’t you people claim you would leave our country if President Trump won???? Well,,,,We’re Waiting.

      1. I’m a conservative who voted for Trump, but didn’t sell out to kiss Trump’s a$$ or pretend that he’s infallible.

        Try again.

        1. It’s best to ignore DO unless you’re interested in a bit of mild trolling with very little effort. He’s not really interested in an actual conversation but the responses can be quite epic if you’re into that.

          1. Blocked.

            Sad but predictable that every time someone DARES criticize or looks at the President with even the slightest objectivity, they’re suddenly a “democrat,” “snowflake” or a combination of both.

            1. Oh no, not blocked. Tito get me a tissue. Black gets the vapors and blocks. Yes, black is a snowflake, and a democrat.

          2. Again, moron, take your own advice. You keep replying to me. You keep getting your smelly backside handed to you while you keep outdouching yourself.

            1. I gave my reason for replying to you in the very post you responded to. Did you read it or just hit reply in your zeal?

              1. You keep contradicting yourself. You say it’s best to ignore me but you keep replying to me. What a moron.

        2. Are you also Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire? Do you own a mansion and a yacht?

          Again, move to Canada like you said you would.

    4. What is your position on US citizens who joined ISIS? Let them enjoy burning our flag if they come back?

      1. How do you deduce that I’d support a TRAITOR who had joined ISIS? Well, if you’re asking I feel that we’ve been to soft on them. They ALL could have been sentenced to Death, and I think that would be appropriate. John Walker Lindh and Bowe Bergdah should have been put to death to name a couple right off the top of my head.

        For the record, Trump has ALSO stated he DIDN’T like the chant.

  17. Yall posting your disgust at the chant – I’m not going to condemn it. White knight for the anti semite terrorist lover all you want. I refuse.

        1. That idiot is too much of an idiot to realize he would have his neck severed from his body by that cockroach.

      1. So take your own advice, chump. You claim President Trump was racist but offer no proof and when asked you deflect. You white knight for the rag of oppression wearing muzzie who hates our country and our founding, has no appreciation for the goodness of our country that took her and her family (that worked for the oppressive regime) in. Her people dragged our soldiers through the streets of Mogadishu. What a hackity hack you are.

          1. Your Aunt Tilly. Stop being a moron. That cockroach is a rag of oppression wearing jihadist muzzie. Prove me wrong, ya worm.

        1. If I let the President get away with bigoted rhetoric he uses for funsies/political strategy without condemning it, what moral leg would I have to stand on to condemn Omar’s anti-semetic rhetoric? She could also claim to be using it as a bit of fun.

          1. Again, you give the proof of any bigoted rhetoric. You have been asked numerous times and offer none.

              1. Oompa Loompa? Racist much? Your childish name calling is referring to President Trump as being, “orange”. But that racism is okay because of your tribal Trump derangement, right!

                1. It’s a complement. They had to deal with being enslaved by Wonka and made to sing macabre songs as he murdered children. I’m pleased to see someone with such obvious Orange skin accomplish so much with his life.

                2. You are not even a good troll.

                  dinodoc • 5 minutes ago
                  You’re aware that the honorable Oompa Loompa people aren’t real, yes?

                  •Reply•Share ›

                  So you say they aren’t real but tell us the history of Oompa Loompa’s. What a maroon.

                3. You wanted a serious answer? He lacks anyone around him he trusts to tell him that he uses too much bronzer and I find it amusing.

    1. Condemning a disgusting chant is NOT equatable to defending the loathsome Ilhan Omar and her company of miscreants AOC, Tlaib and Pressley.

      Believe it or not, you can condemn both, as I have repeatedly in the past, most recently on Twitter when I replied to Ilhan’s false claims that Trump called people of color sons-a-b****es and defended neo-nazis / kkk.

      But believe that I’m a democrat.

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