WATCH: Tucker Carlson BLASTS leftist interviewer for calling him a White Supremacist

In an interview with Ben Smith and the Knight Foundation, Smith accused Tucker Carlson of being a White Supremacist after asking Tucker’s thoughts on ‘replacement theory’.

Tucker then blasted Smith as a propagandist and ripped him to shreds for making that absurd connection.


Here’s a transcript of the clip:

TUCKER: Let me ask yoU a question. Does that sound racist to you? You suggested I’m a white supremacist…

SMITH: Yeah I found that clip disturbing. The language of replacement theory which you popularized…the language of replacement theory, specifically the language used by neo-nazis who recruit people to their cause. I’m not suggesting some line between words and actions but it is the phrase that’s been used by mass shooters…

TUCKER: This is why you are considered correctly a propagandist and not a journalist. Ijust explained in total detail, with sincerity, what I believe. You ignored it and invoked mass shooters.

SMITH: I asked you how you felt about it. I do want to ask you about something else…


TUCKER: This is revealing how ridiculous you are and I think it’s evident to any fair person watching.

SMITH: I guess I’m trying to give you an opportunity to respond things that have been said and written about you…

TUCKER: No you’re not. You’re like ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST, MASS SHOOTER, GREAT REPLACEMENT THEORY’ and I’m like, does this sound like racist ideology? And you’re like ‘argh I’m disturbed by the Media Matters clip for 8 seconds’. Are you being serious???

Tucker isn’t taking this crap from Smith and I’m glad to see it. Not only did Smith invoke mass shooters, he also invoked neo-nazis which is absurd.

Replacement theory is real and all the evidence is at the southern border and has been for the last year and a half. It was also happening under the Obama administration and it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with political party affiliation. Democrats want to replace Republicans with new Democratic voters and they are importing them via the southern border.

That’s what it’s all about and for Smith to lump Tucker in with mass shooters is absolutely bizarre and shows his true leftist colors.

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