WATCH: Tucker Carlson exposes the TRUTH about police brutality

Tonight on his show Tucker Carlson exposed the truth about police brutality, breaking down the numbers and giving the facts on what really happened, specifically with the only 10 cases from 2019 where unarmed black Americans where shot and killed by police.


Carlson begins by quoting the family lawyer for the Floyd family, Benjamin Crump, who claimed today that America is witnessing “genocide”.

He then breaks down the statistics on police brutality, which he got from a comprehensive database the Washington Post catalogs, and it goes something like this:

In 2019 there were a total of 1,004 instances of people being killed by police. 802 of those incidents noted the race of the police officer and the suspect. 371 were white. 236 were black. The vast majority of all these suspects killed were armed.

Only 10 incidents occurred where black suspects were unarmed when they were killed, nine men and one woman. Tucker breaks each of these cases down, one by one, showing that almost all of them were justified. There were only two cases in which an officer was criminally charged.

Doesn’t sound like genocide to me.

Tucker also points out that 2019 was the safest year for black suspects in police custody since the Post began keeping their database, falling precipitously since 2015. But even more striking is the number of police officers killed last year, which totaled more than all unarmed suspects killed by police. It was 48.

There’s much more in the video above which you should watch, as Tucker does a fantastic job of breaking all of this down.

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