WATCH: Tucker Carlson exposes wealthy hedge fund manager who is destroying jobs and towns to make a buck…

Last night Tucker Carlson aired a special segment exposing a wealthy hedge fund manager named Paul Singer, who is known as a vulture capitalist because he preys on governments and companies, many times struggling, and leaves a wake of job losses and destruction in order to make more money.

Watch it below:

Carlson says that while you may have never heard of Paul Singer, he’s literally a rock star in Washington and wields a lot of influence over Republicans because of his many donations.

The story he tells in this segment features Cabela’s, which sold its company to Bass Pro Shops back in 2016. Cabelas was located in the small town of Sidney, Nebraska where they employed nearly 2,000 people, all of which lost their jobs after the sale. Tucker reports that Singer purchased an 11% stake in Cabela’s back in 2015, then pushed the board to sell even though they were bringing in around 2 billion a year in gross profits. Fearing a lengthy lawsuit from Singer, Tucker says the company decided to look for a buyer and then sold to Bass Pro Shops.

The kicker is that a week after the sale went through, Singer cashed out as the stock price soared, selling his stocks for $63 a share that he’d bought for $38 a share, making his hedge fund over 90 million.

Tucker said he contacted Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse for his thoughts on the story or on Singer, but oddly noted that couldn’t get a response from anyone in Sasse’s office. Tucker added that Singer is one of Sasse’s biggest donors and suggested that might explain Sasse’s reluctance in commenting on the story.

Watch the video for much more on this…

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