WATCH: Tucker Carlson suggests FBI helped plan and participate in Capitol riot

Tucker Carlson tonight suggested that the FBI may have helped plan and participate in the Capitol riot on January 6th of this year via their infiltration into certain groups. This was his opening segment tonight.


I’ll say a couple of things about this. First, what Tucker’s suggesting is a distinct possibility that shouldn’t be ignored. As he demonstrated, this has happened before. But I’ll also note that this is only speculation. There are several reasons why someone’s name has been legitimately omitted in court documents and no charges have been filed. It could simply be that the FBI is still building their case against those persons. Just because someone hasn’t been charged and their names are omitted doesn’t necessarily mean that they were undercover agents.

Secondly, I found it odd that Fox News chose not to post his opening segment on Tucker’s video page or on Youtube. This is why it took me so long to get the video and post it. I’m wondering if Tucker’s Fox News bosses are buying into the left’s characterization of Tucker’s segment and are thus afraid to post it:

By the way, Tucker never used the words ‘false flag’ or suggested this was a ‘false flag’ operation.

Whatever their reasoning for not posting it, we’ve got it for you above. And below is the continuation of his segment with his interview of Revolver News chief Darren Beattie on the subject:

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