WATCH: Tucker exposes how scientists are pushing ‘human engineering’ to deal with Climate Change

Last night Tucker Carlson opened his show discussing how scientists are pushing ‘human engineering’ to deal with issues like Climate Change. The video starts with discussion about Google and Peter Daszak, but the ‘human engineering’ portion begins after the five minute mark.

What drew my attention to this was the appearance of these videos on Twitter last night from the World Science Festival in 2016. They are the same videos that Tucker highlighted above regarding ‘human engineering’, so if you are in a hurry you can watch them below.

The first one is where bioethicist S. Matthew Liao suggested that, in order to address Climate Change and how too many people eat red meat, they can use ‘human engineering’ to make people intolerant to red meat:

He also suggests they figure out a way to make people ‘shorter’, so that each person uses less energy and emits less carbon dioxide or something:

Now again, this was from discussions five years ago. Who knows if anyone is actually trying to make this happen or not.

But after Tucker aired this last night, Liao began getting a lot of what he calls ‘fan mail’:

Perhaps, but that was implicit in his suggestion considering he said people are too weak-willed and don’t want to give up juicy steaks. So hey, let’s engineer a way for humans to get sick at the sight of steak! That’ll solve the phony crisis!

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