WATCH: Tucker GRILLS Governor Hutchinson over veto of transgender bill and it did NOT go well for him

Tucker Carlson had Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson on his show tonight to discuss his veto of the bill that would block transgender hormone therapies and mutilating surgeries for minors. And as I suggested in the title, the governor did not come off well in this interview.


Out of the gate Tucker challenged the governor on his position, describing him as ‘pro-choice on the issue of chemical castration of children’. The governor claimed that if the bill had just blocked chemical castration and gender re-assignment surgery, then he would have signed it. But rather, he says it puts the government between the doctor and their patients.

He actually claimed at one point that these hormone treatments actually help children who have problems with depression, which gets to the root of why he didn’t sign the bill. There are apparently children already on these treatments and he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to just cut them off.

Tucker asked him to name a single study that represents that these hormone treatments improve the mental health of children. Tucker noted that he’d read all of the studies and hasn’t found one that even comes close to suggesting this. Rather, Tucker argued that every study on these hormone treatments indicates it makes children more depressed and more suicidal.

It turned out that Hutchinson couldn’t name any study that says this, and essentially told Tucker to talk to the American Medical Association or something.

Throughout the interview, the governor continually claimed that this is about keeping the big government out of the medical decisions between a doctor and their patients, that this is a conservative position in agreement with the limited role of government. Hutchinson even said he was standing on the side of Ronald Reagan!

But when Tucker challenged him on this, asking why it’s ok to allow minors to get life altering hormone therapies, or chemical castrations, but we can’t let them drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, Hutchinson would just say the legislature has to deal with each challenge separately or something. His position never made much sense because of the inherent and obvious contradiction. Alcohol is bad for minors, but chemical castration is not.

Watch the full interview and tell me what you think.

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