WATCH: Tucker says damning Hunter Biden documents suddenly VANISHED after they were sent to him!

Tucker Carlson reported tonight that damning Hunter Biden documents, that he’d been sent from a new source, suddenly vanished and they are nowhere to be found:

Tucker didn’t describe the documents other than to say they were damning, and that they came from a new source and related to the Biden crime family.

Tucker received word that the documents had been sent to him while he was in LA interviewing Tony Bobulinski for yesterday’s blockbuster interview. He asked his producer in New York to send them to him as quick as he could. Tucker said they used a very comment package courier, one that we would all be familiar with, but that the document never arrived.

The package courier said they traced the envelope to 3:44AM this morning, and that was when someone noticed that the envelope had been opened and the documents removed. They not only interviewed everyone who touched the package, but also looked high and low for the documents. They are nowhere to be found and the package courier, according to Tucker, is deeply bothered by this.

It seems to me that a conspiracy to intercept these documents would be extremely unlikely. You’d have to have someone on the inside and you’d have to know which sorting facilities and airplanes the package would traverse on its way to its destination. I can’t imagine how someone would even know to open something like this unless some courier worker saw Tucker’s name on it and decided, for the greater good of Democrats everywhere, to steal the contents or something.

Perhaps the feds will begin an investigation and one day we’ll find out what really happened.

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