Watch USC professor trash Republicans as racist and stupid during fall election of 2012

No liberal biases here, just an objective and reasoned reporting of the facts:

CAMPUS REFORM – A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) appears to have used a fall semester 2012 political science class to deliver sustained and angered attacks on Republicans, who he characterized as old, white, racist, and “losers.”

The recording also captures Sragow making dozens of other derogatory remarks about Republicans and Republican politicians.

For example he leveled personal attacks at both former-Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney.

“Romney tends to make shit up,” he said.

“[A]nn Romney to me looks like she’s out of 1955 and the women who are going to have to decide the race are women who have to work for a living. … she looks like she is hanging out at the country club in Mad Men,” he added.

He also characterized California Republicans in particular as “losers” and stupid and racist.

“California Republicans I just showed you are 30 percent registration in this state because they are really stupid and racist,” he said.” [T]he republican party in California as I say all the time on the record in print on the radio and on tv is the last vestige of angry old white people.”

“Old white guys are stubborn sons of bitches,” he added.


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51 thoughts on “Watch USC professor trash Republicans as racist and stupid during fall election of 2012

  1. let me get the focus of this: this a old white man commenting on how he mistrusts old white men. Are you serious. Why stay in the room. If he is a teacher why would anyone listen? You have to think its a misrepresentation of fact. Otherwise he wouldn’t start out with don’t trust me, i.e. (old white people)

  2. OMG – this guy is not only a bigot and self-hating racist, he is LYING through his teeth!!! 
    Did he actually say that Latinos who were afraid of being asked if they are citizens – and “turned around” – that these people were CITIZENS?!  If they are LEGITIMATE citizens, with the RIGHT to vote, WHY WOULD ANYONE “INTIMIDATE” THEM ABOUT A FEAR OF “IMMIGRATION STATUS?!?!”  Answer: they AREN’T citizens, if this makes them afraid!!!
    The universities and colleges are infested with such poisonous, bigoted hate-mongers!!  
    They are poisoning the minds of our children.  How to inoculate them, protect them – or, better still: how to eradicate these vermin from the education system?!?!  And the media.  And the corporate power seats, where they donate in DROVES to DemocRATS.

  3. These lefties have put themselves in positions to cause the most damage…our Media and our School System…What needs to be done?….Home school your children and teach them to openly challange comments like this and for Gods sake TURN the TV OFF….Kids should not be indoctrinated and turned into Tools and Fools…

    1. Duane Hardy Couldn’t have said it better myself. I send my kids to school to get friends, not an education. When they come home, I sit them down, break out the books, and have them read. I also perform “reverse indoctrination.” They listen to Mark Levin and read articles, sometimes from this site, with me. It isn’t the fault of the school system. It’s been Marxist from inception. It’s the fault of lazy parents, who believe that education begins at 8 and ends at 3 on weekdays. The smartest kids in med school had overwhelmingly one thing in common- they were home-schooled!

    1. Matt2Matt By 9th grade, they all believe in “the rich trample on the poor” nonsense. I told my son that if I here that phrase come out of his mouth, he’s getting kicked out of the house before he’s 18.

  4. Wow, I had no idea that you had to teach someone to be a low information voter. I absolutely feel dumber having watched the whole video.

  5. Wanker, no name. Nobody’s ever heard of this Marxist. His life is irrelevant. He’s pissed that those 1955 Republicans are millionaires, plain and simple.

  6. One wonders if the good Prof. knows the lengths Algore (the just and pure) went to surpress the military vote in the 2000 election? And if he does (I assume he does) why that little inconvenient truth was left out of his “deeply insightful” analysis.  

    Doc, do us all a huge favor and put Mother Jones down…cause you’re making my head hurt….bad.
    Thank you.

    1. slicerdicer The parents should have their heads examined for allowing their kids to attend classes only fit for communist/prejudiced wannabees.

  7. I graduated from USC and most, if not all were quite conservative. This guy sounds like a UCLA Bruin, 17 miles across town..

  8. He looks old white, and acts like a ass.  Why is this pecker head allowed to teach?  He certainly isn’t smart.

  9. The left is keeping racism alive in and well. No one is talking about it but them, and then they project it onto us.

  10. After averaging the total cost of attending USC – room, board, tuition, books- I suspect that it cost a few grand to watch this a-hole grandstand.  Gee, another case for competition!

  11. This professor deserves to have his teeth knocked out. Nothing but leftist agitprop indoctrination.

  12. Why is it that “angry old white libs” are  constantly preaching that the republican party is full of “angry old white guys”? Am I missing something here ???

    1. pajamakat Sragow does not consider himself to be an old ‘white’ guy any more than Jon Stewart considers himself to be an old ‘white’ guy.

  13. I find it hilarious that only in the warped mind of the leftards is racism bad but their bigotry is all well and good.


      1. famouswolf Well if you notice they have been pretty emboldened since Obama got elected but the neglect to mention it was with the Republican vote…at least the first time around.

        1. Yes, my greatest hope right now is that the sorry b*stards have gotten too bold and over confident and have slipped the leash too soon.
          We will soon know one way or the other.

  14. Republicans may be stupid, but they can’t possibly be as stupid as those who have believed the Democrats who spend the last 50 years criticizing Republicans for being too White, and 100 years before that criticizing Republicans for being too Black.

  15. There have been progressives on campuses since the sixties but they have now taken over almost all of the major university faculties and they are brazen in their biased opinions.

  16. The United States is no more because
    the constantly repeating sand paper of the Ministry of Truth has finally completely
    eroded our belief system. A country like a person behaves in accordance with its
    beliefs about itself. Once the press has used the propaganda of collectivism to
    retrain the original belief instilled in us by our primary caregivers the
    country will never recover. Today the 2nd Amendment is about to be
    voted out of existence by a vote of Congress! This is completely
    unconstitutional and highly illegal. Everyone I went to civic class knows this
    from high school. The thugs didn’t like our class in American government and
    they cancelled it along with the space program, theBoy Scouts, the Girls Scouts, the Post
    Office, the American car industry, the 1st Amendment, the principle
    of checks and balances, the right of privacy, the right to educate your own
    children, the right to fair elections, the right of privacy on the data in our
    emails, the right to a free pres….and yet there is hope which must be tended
    like a tiny flower garden. What is so
    delicious to me is that the memory of Margaret Thatcher will always bunch up
    the panties of the eternal children of the left.She was their worst nightmare: a parent.

  17. He didn’t sound at all like an “angry old white guy”. (yeah he did)  He sounded “stupid and racist” though. Other than that, he was a non-partisan, fair, straight down the middle presenter of both sides. (excuse me a second) An educator worthy of both tar and feathers, and a nonchalantdrag through town.

  18. This is truly “LOWER EDUCATION” This guy is a racist coward who picks on kids in his class by brainwashing them with this crap because he know he’s in a position of power over them and they have to sit there and take it if they want a passing grade. Pathetic!!!

  19. It is time to burst the everyone has to go to college  bubble. Learn a trade move to or stay in a right to work state. Start your own business or get a sales job that does not require a BS degree. Tell the college professors to stick it up their rears. The BS degree is nothing but bulls..t anymore anyway.

    1. It has been for years. I almost stopped and dropped out of my liberal arts university in the seventies to go  to Pittsburgh to a gunsmith school there. I could have read more, spent less time listening to the bloviation of ‘can’t do’ ‘professors’ and wound up with an actual trade AND better educated myself in literature and history.

  20. My only hope is that all these professors who relish in putting down people who don’t think or beleive as they would go live in Venzeula, or Cuba or Africa since they think Republicans are the scum of the earth. They are all feak’in cowards because if they were in Eyght and they spoke aainst Morsi or was a Christian or a woman they would have their heads chopped off.
    This professor is an old white man who is probably sexually sadistic and purvise and essentially have no morals. He probably loves Bill Clinton who was also a professor that and have sex with anything that moved. I just wish that all of these liberal could live anywhere in the Middleast, accept, Israel. But wait, they may get their chance if we keep going down this path.

  21. People are paying money to listen to this….unbelievable.
    I could hardly stomach two minutes of it.

  22. One day all the “old White Men will be GONE along with their business and professional organizations – THEN you fools can build your new world order  – – AND it won’t be long (30 yrs?) that the people will feel the boot of the leftists on their neck, but there won’t be anyone to blame but themselves.

  23. He talks like that in a college classroom. No wonder we’re so f’ed up with crap like that ‘teaching’.
    Heh, well I’m a stubborn old white guy, if you must designate me such in your non-racist way, and I’d just love to ‘talk’ to you in person, ‘professor’. Scumbag.

      1. Yes’m.
        Like my new avatar? That’s what I look like when I think about guys like that idiot, um professor.

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